Chapter Two - Interrogation (Part Three)

“There is that,” admitted the king. “All right. Well. About three thousand, nine hundred years ago – not too long after your time, actually, not long at all, there was a global earthquake. No one really knows what caused it. Rumours always had it that it was caused by military activity, but all we really know is that it started below ground – possibly in what they used to called Switzerland. After just over a week of sever earthquakes, the mountains began to fall. They turned to earth again, just as they had been billions of years ago, and soon the earth was covered. The sea remained, although it changed its shape significantly. But not one area of land had escaped the Fall. Humans survived, however. Not many, it is to be admitted. Historians estimate that around a hundred of the two billion population remained, and they thrived.” He paused to moisten his lips. Anna found it so odd that he was talking about her future in past tense. Switzerland – why did that seem so familiar? And why were there only two billion people, so soon after her lifetime? Where had everyone else gone?

“It was tough. The grass and plants were all destroyed, and were buried deep under the earth from a thousand mountains. Soon, however, grass began to poke its way up through the rubble. It had to be strong, to endure the dreadful conditions that existed in those days – very little shelter, as all the ground was flat, and no one to care for nature. Some of the ground lay uncovered, but the sea rose and swamped them with sand – the ice caps had melted during the Fall and caused a massive rise in sea level. After a while, the grass was very like the grass we have now. Humans started to spread out, to reclaim the land. But some of those who survived stayed put, and stayed here.

“Yes, here. This is where the last few people lived after the Fall, and they increased in number, and took over the whole of the Kingdom again. But we never grew in size as we had done in the past – history taught us that this would be a mistake, and even until today there are only three billion of us.”

Something clicked in Anna’s mind. Switzerland, underground – there was something that had happened there, she was sure. And then she remembered: The Black Hole Maker, scientifically known as the Large Hadron Collider. So this was what had happened, in the end. Not a black hole, but still an almost end to all humanity! Well, that proved the big bang theory wrong. A collision hadn’t created – it had destroyed. The creationists were right after all, she thought triumphantly. 

The End

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