Perfectly Preserved

I wondered if I had posted this, and found that I hadn't. How strange, because once I was so proud of it! But then I realised: I wrote this before I joined Protagonize. Is that possible? Could there have been a time when I did not know of this site? It seems so. And so I decided to post this. You can see what you think. (Remember, when this was written I had not yet had the benefit of your critiques. Keep that in mind with your comments). 

This was inspired by one simple thought: What would it be like to wake up, 2000 years into the future, and find that archaeologists were excavating London? Excavating you?

And so 'Perfectly Preserved' was born. I can't remember what triggered that particular thought, but that's what triggered this. I will include in this first chapter (another annoying introduction, sorry) my dedications:


" for my family, especially Ben, Tessa and Helena. And Rebekah, always for Rebekah. 

For my friends

For Victoria and Simon and all their colleagues

For Kate and Chris and their books, and inspiration 

And for the writers of every book that I’ve ever read thinking ‘I wish I could write a book this good’ "

The End

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