Jenna was born this way. Strong, healthy, resist to most infections and disease. She is a fast learner. Fast enough to learn the truth - the truth that she is a Perfect.
This lies great danger.
Danger that could wipe all humanity.

Silence engulfed the whole city.

There was no sound at all. Not even a slight tone of the wind. All she heard was her fast-paced heartbeat. Beating like an endless drum. She avoided all the mud pool by skipping over it. She can't stop running. She can't. The whole world had been shattered. She hopped over fences with huge lunges. She thought nothing can stop her now. But of course, she was wrong. Every living thing in this world will face its predator, or acquire its prey. Jenna felt scared, after all incidents that occurred around her, proving her that she is a Perfect, an organism that is perfect from all aspects- health, fitness, cardiovascular and also the function of brain. She was above human. People were trying to seize her, to get her, to own her.

     While she was scribbling through streets, all she saw was smokes, demolished building, fire and chaos. War had been erupted. Thinking back that this city was her favorite, New York. Being a New Yorker can taste every single flavor of all-over the world delicacies. It's been wonderful. But there's no chance to carry out the same thing anymore. The old streets that she used to hangout with her friends; the cinema where she used to catch all the blockbusters; the candy shop where she used to buy candy canes for Christmas. Now, the possibility to venture it again, it's all gone.

"Shit, Enforcers." Jenna spat indignantly. While advancing through Downtown, she noticed Enforcers grouped by the corridor of a famous dumpling restaurant, Tangerine. "Why will they be there? Shouldn't they left already?" Jenna thought. "This is insane, what should I do?" 

A Perfect with a perfect brain should have no problem thinking for a perfect solution. She recalled that there was a path that could led her straight to the Dock. Fear started to consume her. Slowly, bit by bit. Even though she is perfect, but feelings are still fragile. 

She attempted to blend through tall grass and obstacles.

 CLANK! Luck itself was not there at the moment, she accidentally mashed a can with her bare hands while crouching and touching the surface of the soil. Immediately the Enforcers noticed the sound. With imminent speed they rushed to site it. They shared the same ability with Jenna, power in everything

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Enforcers exclaimed with a deep growl while they sighted Jenna with their eagle-like visions. The situation was overwhelming. Jenna was too tired to be able to sense the surrounding contains sound-attracting objects. Adrenaline surged from her body up to her spine. She held the squished can and threw it towards a Enforcer with an extreme precision and a killing strength,  knocking him down in a single blow. It was too fast, too fast to be dodged.

Jenna began to speed through the path to her destination, where she can use the remaining boats to escape. Only if there is any.

That was her best bet.

She vaulted over the stairs of the budget hotel that the Enforcers ran her into. She got up on the stairs after that and keep on climbing. "Almost there! "She reminded herself. On top of the building lain the zip lines that connected directly to the dock opposite the hotel. She can slide down the zip lines and get to the boats. The smell of salt from the sea made her vigor again.

An Enforcer grabbed on Jenna's shoulder and jerked her back. Jenna felt a sting on her shoulder while she jams her palm into the Enforcer's face, immediately breaking his nasal bone. Blood splattered. Droplets of bloods dropped itself on the floor while it sounds like dup. She jerked her hand off the Enforcer, she felt a huge pain. It's the first time she strikes someone so hard that she almost broke her hand.

But it's worth it.

The Enforcers can't keep up with her while an injured that needed tending from the pack. She rush through the final door that leads her to the summit of the building. She pushed open the door with a delight that she is going to be fine.


But it all went wrong. Very wrong.



The zip lines. The zip lines were all broken.

"No, no, NO! This can't be happening! Why the hell will it be broken? Why the.." Jenna cussed while the Enforcers came out from the door. The rays of sunlight splashed themselves onto the Enforcers' metallic nylon vest, giving them a glittering look, like angels that descended from Heaven. But they aren't. The demons they are.

"Give up, Clementine. Play time's over. Do surrender and go back to Warehouse. And please reside in it. We will treat you intimately and will do you no harm." The alpha of the Enforcers crossed his left hand and pointed a stun gun towards Jenna with his right, with not even a single mean on giving peace.

"S....stop calling me Clementine, I am not an orange, are you mocking me? Douche." Jenna corrected him, with a huge sense of fear. As if she was talking to Fear itself.

"Code Clementine is what we can address you. Humans are equal, they don't have the rights to have a particular name. But specimens are different. They need specific names to differentiate between one and other. And you are one of it." He clarified with a grin, a grin that makes any human wishes a lot to give him a sucker-punch on his face.

"So about treating me well, it's all fake." She looked back. She saw waves. Wind blew and made her hair flew with grace. She can reach the sea. It's only 300 yards from this height. She can reach it.

"We acquire your cooperation, subject Clementine."

Echoes of 'cooperation' clangs in her ears, repeatedly. Just as what her brother says, "Jenna, I NEED your cooperation."


"No!" Jenna exclaimed. She punched one of the Enforcer, immediately knocking him back. Others fired their stun gun while Jenna avoided all the stun tags with a back flip elegantly, like floating in the air. She had a perfect landing, and got ready for another encounter.


"If you get me back, I will die.." She screamed these words while she shifted herself toward the ledge of the hotel's summit. Enforcers tried to catch her, but they can't. They were fast, very fast. But still slower than Jenna.

Jenna took a leap of faith with an enormous might, feeling the strength of her legs can bring her flying. And continued, " But not TODAY." and sank herself into the huge waves. Waves that normal human can't handle. Of course, she also left the Enforcers on top of the summit, with face full of astonishing aspect.




The End

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