Part II

Second by second. Minute by minute. Hands moving.

“Meh. I am going to that party to surprise her. Hmm. What to wear... What to wear...”

Rummaging through old clothes. Rummaging through new ones.

“I don’t have anything decent!”

“Oh wait. I do. The one she chose for me the last time we went out shopping.”

Long sleeves on. Tie. Vest. Cuff links. Coat. Perfection. Wait. Pants. Shoes. There. Perfection.

Masks. Masquerade. Hollywood. Limousines. Cars. Gowns. Suits. Tuxedos.

“I’m here. I hope I’m not too late for her first dance.”

“Excuse me ma’am, do you have an invitation?”

“Huh? Oh. Bryan. It’s me.”

“Norine! You came! She’s inside. Table 2.”

“Thanks Bry. I owe you one.”

“Just give me your Nike air shoes after.”

“What? They cost me.”

“Haha. I’m kidding. Good luck man.”



Raging hormones. Table 2. Gowns. Suits. Tuxedos. Smiles. Raging hormones.

There you are.

“Hi. May I have the honour of this dance?”


Eyes meet. Smiles exchanged. No more words. Tune changed. Sweet melody escaped. Waltz.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to barge in, uninvited?”

“Well, I was actually invited.”

“Wait. What?”

“Remember? I’m part owner of the school. I’m actually surprised you didn’t remember.”

“Fudge! Right! You are! That was why people were asking me where you are!”

One on the shoulder. Another on the arm. Next on the head.


“You know, you’re the only woman here who’s in a very elegant gown and who looks really beautiful and can still slap like a dude.”

“Does it hurt? I’m sorry.”

“Haha. I’m kidding.”

“You’re such a dork.”

Eyes met. No more words exchanged. Sweet melody dancing around the ballroom.


“I love you.”


“I said. I love you, Julie.”



“I know. That’s why I came here. To ask for your first dance... and to ask if you’d give me the chance to court you.”

“I love you.”


“You’re slow Norine.”



“I love you. I’ve always loved you.”


“I have to make this announcement.”




“Let’s just keep it to ourselves first. Okay?”


“Norine... You’re part owner of the school.”


“People would talk.”


“I don’t want them to think little of me.”

“They’re not.”

“They don’t like me anymore because we live together.”

“You want me to kick them out of the school?”



“Let’s just keep it between us for now. Okay?”

“I can visit you and court you at work. Right?”

“Okay. But just with the visiting. Not with the courting.”



“No buts Norine.”

“I’m no match for you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


No words exchanged. Eyes smiling. Hearts beating. Love flowing. Sweet melody dancing.

The End

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