Much to my dismay, in the last year of school, Charlottes dad was reposted in the army. It was a hard time for me, Charlotte wasn't someone you could replace nor forget, she had a very - distinct - character, always happy, bubbly and a little bit insane; I loved her like a sister. Charlotte made me happy. My personal sunshine. If it wasn't for Alice I would've felt as though my life had been plunged into complete darkness; Alice was like a nightlight, untill I could find my way without Charlottes guidance.

I never realised how dependant I had become untill my best friend had abandoned me.

I clung to Alice like a baby monkey to its mother, we became increasingly close. As if though I couldn't feel I could trust her more, our friendship broke the barriers, I told her everything and anything; it didn't matter because she could too, in turn, tell me everything and anything too.

Alice soon became distant, we wouldn't walk home together anymore, and any afterschool clubs were out the picture. Anytime I asked her if she wanted to hang out at the weekend, catch a movie or go shopping her reaction would almost be 'insulted'... I would tend to leave her alone, because I didn't want to lose her completely and I didn't like feeling clingy and a burden. I got the feeling that Alice wouldn't spend any extra time with me if she didn't have too, or need to. 

Alice was in her first 'real relationship'. In my eyes, this was the ultimate betrayal; being traded in for a boy. Will was alot older than Alice, how much older? I'm not too sure, I stayed away from him and the subject of him whenever I could, all I know is that Will was exactly the opposite Alice told me she wanted in a guy, yet, she was completely obsessed with him, much to my annoyance.

I had lost two friends in the space of 3 months, my last year at school wasn't looking as bright as I'd hoped. I had learnt, by this piont, that I'd have to cope without a nightlight.





The End

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