The Friends.

During her teenage years every girl needs her friends, well I did anyway. My mum always told me -

"Surround yourself with many friends, not just one"

And when I started secondary school, that was my goal... I think it's fair to say I 'grew apart' from my other friends and depended on my older sister alot from then on. I wouldn't say I was misunderstood, there were people who understood me, I just didn't surround myself with them... or many people at all, I enjoyed being alone, but being alone won't get you through Secondary school.

When my sister left not only did I spend my every school hour feeling abandoned but I felt utterly empty nearly all the time... the only plus was doing well in class, but good grades doesn't replace a friendly hug or a shoulder to cry on.

I craved friendship more than anything, I needed that support, that ear to listen to me, when my hormones raged inside of me, when I complained about petty problems that seemed to over ride the poverty in Africa, or Old Lady Felicity who got robbed around the corner. I found those ears, shoulders and support within a select few girls who I thank my lucky stars I had found. When I found them I accomplished my personal goal of finding that support system that would carry me through school, even if it did take me 3 years. 

By the summer holidays, before the last year of school, I had grown more and more fond of my girls but with everything in life you have your 'favourites'. Like a tin of Heroes I enjoyed 'Twirls' more than 'Bourneville', and in the case of my friends I enjoyed the company of two girls more than the others, these angels were Alice and Charlotte and I loved them immensely. I thought I could pour my heart into their hands and they'd keep it safe until their last day.

Unfortuately I couldn't have been more mistaken.

The End

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