Everyone wants to be perfect, but it's embracing yourself for who you are that makes you feel that way, and if you can't accept yourself, it can tear you apart.

"In todays world many are trying to achieve perfection, only few are sensible enough to accept their own imperfections and see that all perfectionists are failures."

As a hormonal teenager I always craved love, attention and perfection but because of low self esteem and a childhood terrorized by glorified bullies I would never go out and get it, so when it wasn't handed to me on a silver platter I would often go into a sudden, but short, spurt of mild depression and conclude I wasn't good enough for anyone or anything.

Although I wasn't particuarly religious, when these times occured, I would run to my bedroom, slide down the wall so I was huddled yet pressed up against the door and cry to whoever lurked in the clouds above me, and pray desperately that the Lord would relieve me of all life, yet in a completely pain free way, unless, ofcourse, he considered I deserved a painful death... then he had permission to run me over multiple times, until I was completely and utterly ground into the dirty concrete, by a 5million ton double decker bus. Understandably I would regret those acidic words I had spat with fountains of tears when I had regained my insanity.

But I was adimant on finding other ways to punish myself.




The End

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