Chapter 1: Hospital wing

As I lay here, in complete silence, which made a nice change  from the constant moans of malnourishment and illness or the occasional broken limb. Trying to remember my past, that's what I spent most my time doing, it's odd because whenever we tried to discuss our memories we all described the same scenarios. My or rather our parents, the two bedroomed house we all somehow lived in, and when I say all I mean hundreds.
Being in such a confined space doesn't exactly add to ones sanity but I had managed to hold it together thus far. The only reason I was in the hospital was because of a cut down my thigh, it hurt but I never really took any notice, always too preoccupied with my thoughts. Two or three weeks had passed, or so I thought, lost track. Every day at twelve O'clock sharp medical staff appeared to check up on me, I assumed that's what they were doing anyway, every time with the same monotone sentence.

"State number and injury." I'd often wondered why they needed my number but I told myself it was for records or something and just forgot about it. My number is 130227, had the number all my life, even in the short flashes of memories our parents called us by our numbers. We all looked the same, one model for each gender, but if you looked closely enough each one of us had a different pair of eyes, different colours, shapes and sometimes no pupils at all. But everyone thought that was more for the Bosses amusement more than actual identification purposes. It was always strange being around people who look  the same as you, often sound the same as you but you can get over that. What you could never get over was what they put us all through every week. My count was nineteen entries and six wins, though I didn't want to make it twenty entries or seven wins. You only really lost if you died, I just kept getting injured for example my leg. At that moment my deep thought was interrupted by a loud bang at the door, I got up using a flimsy old stick they'd thrown at me and acting more injured than in reality I answered.

"Yes?" I said in the most innocent way possible, not that it was necessary to sound innocent because as far as I knew I hadn't done anything. One of the pale faced Medics who had seen to me earlier was stood there, she was one of the rare few that looked different from us, she doubtfully looked me over and spoke.

"You've been cleared for release, Gather your belongings and wait outside." her voice wasn't like the others, it was very soft and kind, like she actually cared about the patients. After collecting what little belongings I had, and making the bed, an annoying OCD of mine, I left the room. As I waited I begun my trail of thought again, this time about the outside world, I'd always wondered what it was like out there, after hearing some many descriptions of Horizon who could blame me? Some said it was a utopia, others said it was a warzone, as for me, I like to keep an open mind. We grew up surrounded by concrete, and the only time we saw any of the outside was in The Arena, but it was always too brief because you were usually too busy making sure you didn't die.

The last time I saw Horizon was about four weeks before my trip to the hospital, the sky was an emerald red cluttered with faded gold clouds, it was magical. Until I almost got hit in the eye by a stray arrow. A hand grabbed my shoulder which made me jump slightly, I saw the medic from earlier and she was giggling to herself, clearly she'd noticed it had made me jump and it amused her. I smiled bashfully, It had been too long since I properly smiled. She told me to follow her, and as I did I noticed that quite a few of the other patients were giving me dirty looks, probably because they thought it wasn't fair that I was being let out and they had to stay, regardless I kept my neck and eyes locked forward so I didn't have to meet any of their gazes. First she lead me to my new room, it was bigger than the hospital room, and it had more beds.

"where are the others?" I thought aloud, there came no reply so I looked around and saw the medic had gone, then I noticed my number hanging on the bed closest to the window, all the windows in there had fake views, seen as we were underground it made sense, to give the illusion of being above ground, thing was the views weren't obviously fake, I meant it would take someone explaining how they were fake for you to actually notice. I had finished placing my stuff and began to head out of the room. The woman was back, leaning against the wall, this time I made her jump, I thought of saying something like

"ha-ha got you back" but she didn't look quite in the mood for that, it was almost like the world was going to end, the look she had on her face. Turning to me she muttered coldly, all the kind and friendliness had been drained from her voice.

"They're sending you in. I tried to tell them you aren't ready, but they wouldn't listen!" a hint of desperation and sorrow as she exclaimed.

"What? Sending me in? Those heartless bastards!" I realised how loud I'd said that  when I saw out of the corner of my eye, a security camera swivel around to face us, the medic quickly waved her hand indicating for me to follow her again. A set of changing rooms was to be our destination this time, she told me which one was mine and wished me luck and left. Though the room had always been grey, after she left it just got greyer, I moved slowly toward the curtain only to be intercepted by two guards.

"State your number!" Barked one of the guards, rather unnecessarily. I gave them what they'd asked for and they let me past.

"Ah we've been expecting you, a late entry" Jeered the other man, I decided to ignore him and carry on. In the changing room was a mirror, a stool, a few pegs and a set of clothing. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was Earths fatigues.

"Excuse me?" I shouted to anyone who was listening.

"I was in Fire last I checked." One of the guards repeated was with a lot of emphasis, telling me I had been transferred. It was probably not best to argue so I put on the clothes.

The End

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