Perfect Day

“Have you ever seen an opossum?” Jeff asked Marty.
“A possum?”
“Opossum! Did you know that when threatened, they fake death,” Jeff sat by the river, making ripples with a stick in the water.
“I didn’t know that!” Marty sat back on both hands looking up at the cloudless sky.
“Ya,” Jeff nodded.
“What’s the difference between an Opossum and a Possum?” Marty wondered.
Jeff looked back at him from the river, and shrugged, “I don’t know, really. Opossums look like fat rats with hair.”
“And Possums?”
“I don’t know”
“How do you know the Possum isn’t the one that fakes its death then, if you don’t know the difference,” Marty inquired.
“I just know,”
“Hmm, cool,” Marty nodded, sat up and looked at the swirls in the water from Jeff’s stick,
“Whatcha drawing there?”
“Cool,” Marty sighed.
They sat in silence for a time.
“Hey,” Marty started.
“Have you ever seen an opossum before?” Marty asked Jeff.
Jeff shook his head, no. “Can’t say I have,”
“I see,” Marty said, turning to his friend, "This was completely useless,”
Jeff nodded, “Yip”

The End

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