The first differences between (S)he and sheMature


“Hey Alex, what’s your favourite food?”
“Alex, what more sports do you practice?”
“Hey, uumh, I have homemade chocolate cake, would you like some?”
“Hey, you there; move, I want to talk to Alex!” “No you move, I am talking to Alex!”

Alex this, Alex that, why were people so noisy? I couldn’t stand it any longer so I stood up, excused myself and left the room to look for some quiet place to spend the rest of my lunch break. I went upstairs, hoping that there wouldn’t be anyone on the rooftop but before I could open the door I could hear people talking.

“I want to break up.” A familiar voice broke through the thin door.

“Why? What happened? Why do you want to break up?”

“I just loved you because you were the strongest.”

“Oh, so you want to break up because I lost from one person?”

“Yes, he is hot, smart and strong. There is no way a brain dead like you can be compared to him.”

“You will regret saying these things.” The voice that was filled with love just a few minutes ago became a shout out of anger.

“What are you going to do?! Let go of me!” The girl shouted from panic.

I was seriously doubting about opening the door and helping her or just leaving the place and doing like nothing ever happened. But even though the girl was a bitch for breaking up with her boyfriend over something like this, she still didn’t deserve to get hit or raped. (Or whatever the guy intended to do to her, but something told me that he was not going to kiss her or give her a hug.) I opened the door and the first thing I could see was a guy lifting his fist against a girl. I dashed to the surprised man and hit him instead. The shocked guy fell down and looked at me with flaming eyes. “Don’t interfere in our business!” he shouted. When I turned around to check whether the girl was alright, I was completely shocked about what I saw. The heartless playgirl was Alice, my best friend! How did she get here and how did she turn in to a player like this? I stared at her with my brownie coloured eyes, still dumbfounded about the fact that the bitch was my best friend.

“Alex… behind you!” Alice’s voice shook in fear. But you know, I had done karate and all, so of course I heard that dude standing up and running towards me. I turned around, stopped his punch with my left hand and punched him with my right hand. He tumbled down as he was dying with pain. I know it’s dirty to hit twice at the same place but it is also dirty to attack someone from the back! I left the guy perishing on the ground, turned around and grabbed Alice’s hand. “Come with me!” I commanded.

She nodded dreamily and followed me like child who was lost.




“I couldn’t believe he heard my entire conversation, what am I supposed to say to him now?” I thought. The disapproving look in his eyes was so suffocating, that I almost wanted to cry. Of course I did not mean what I said, but how would he know the real me when I was just a stranger to him? It was so embarrassing! However the part about him being a perfect prince was not a lie. And since I had the time to observe him up close, I came to realize that this guy’s perfections went beyond my imaginations. The fan girl inside me screamed: “he’s so perfect!” but deep down in my heart I was still worried about my very bad first impression.

“Good, I think you’re save now, Alice. Take care and… behave yourself!” I couldn’t believe that someone’s voice could be this mesmerizing.

“Wait!” I screamed, scared to never to be able to talk to him again. “How did you know my name?” I didn’t remember giving him any information about myself.

“Well, when you two were discussing things so loudly, I stood there behind the door. I didn’t want to be rude or something, but he said your name and all, so of course I know your name.” It is funny how his gorgeous face turned into one of a child who had just been caught eating candy in the classroom and wanted to protect his dear food. Maybe this guy was not only perfect but maybe he was also very cute?

Then suddenly the bell rang, it was time to go back to our classes. I guessed it was going to be goodbye forever. It was sad; I already grew attached to his presence.

“Oh, got to go, see you later, Alice!” he said to me as he walked away.

I had a good feeling that this was not the last time I was going to be able to talk to him. Since you said “see you later,” there must be a “Welcome back!” waiting for me, right? A faint smile appeared on my face for the first time since I broke up with Math.




While I descended the stairs with Alice, I felt the gazes burning on my skin. I guessed I went back to being an animal in the zoo, heh? “Maybe I should buy a mask or something like that.” I had asked the prof before. “But wouldn’t that be more eye-catching? You should look for something more common to wear” he had replied like I had said something stupid, again. But you know, it was easier said than done! What common thing could make my out-of-the-world-handsome face, that could let people who just had passed me by turn around, transform my face into something ordinary? “Sigh, I want to put a paper bag over my face, but then I would risk having policeman chasing me down, because I looked too suspicious.” I had sighed in the car.

“He’s so perfect!”  The irritating voices broke through my thoughts.

“Can’t you guys just leave me alone?!” I wanted to scream out loud, but I didn’t want to make enemies on the first day of school. So I kept my big mouth shut.

Seeing that Alice was looking at me, confused, I smiled at her. Her face made me too comfortable that I made a big mistake: How could I have blurted out her name when she hadn’t even told me who she was? Her jerky boyfriend didn’t call her by her name either. But I had to find an excuse, worthy enough to let her believe in. Not knowing what I said, I just blabbered something out. I never thought she would be naïve enough to believe me.

Riiiiing, the bell rang and I could see a stream of students running back to their classroom. I didn’t want to cause trouble for the second time today so, after I said goodbye to Alice I ran off to my classroom.

While running like this some voices came through my mind. I remembered that people always said that I never looked where I was going, but that was not true. They always nagged when they saw me run against something. It was not like I destroyed something, you know? They should be helping me instead! However others just laughed out loud and some would point a finger at me like I was some kind of idiot who lost his brains some years ago. I was not clumsy; I was and will stay normal! And I didn’t always run against someone or something!

I opened the classroom door and entered gracefully….


“Augh, can’t you look where you’re going?” I screamed. The guy turned around and looked at me as if I was pathetic. How dare he look at my face like that? After looking down on me and making me felt like I was some annoyance he turned back and went to his seat.

-Switch- He turned my evil side on.

“Dude, shouldn’t you be apologizing?” I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. I could feel that he was pretty strong.

“I wasn’t the one who bumped against someone,” he replied coldly, very coldly, almost as cold as his eyes behind his glasses. I’ve never seen this colour of eyes before; they were silver-coloured with little blue traces.  

After staring at his eyes, I wanted to give him some beating but I could see the teacher entering our classroom. So I just turned around and went to sit on my place.

Luckily there were more guys than girls. The fewer nuisances for me! Most of the guys were handsome. I was pretty sure that I would have drooled if I had never seen myself in the mirror today. I simply couldn’t bring myself to drool at something that was “mediocre” compared to this face of mine. The girls also were very beautiful, and I was a bit jealous of their long legs and big eyes. But something in me told me that they weren’t that beautiful on the inside.

“Alex, what’s the answer to this question?” The voice of the teacher brought me back to reality.

“Of course, teacher.” I replied on the question as fast as I could, so I would be able to daydream on my seat again.

After replying I felt the gazes on me. “What did I do, to make them look at me like this again.” I thought. Even the teacher seemed surprised.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect you to answer it this fast. A normal student would have done this in at least 10 minutes.” The teacher explained.

“Oh” was my only reply. After that, no one dared to interrupt me. I felt like I was being left out. They saw me more like god now, rather than a classmate. I never expected this to be so terrifying lonely. I could imagine the prof’s face when he heard that I kind of was being left out because of my face. The damn man would laugh at my face and even roll on the ground if it didn’t affect his image. It made me want to slap him.

“pffft.” Suddenly someone started laughing. I looked up at the clock. Without realizing it, school was already over.

“Hehe, you’re so silly.” Alice was not ridiculing me and I really appreciated her warm smile, after a lonely day like this, so I smiled back. For the first time, since I’ve gotten this body, the smile was natural and not fake.

Then the conversation fell silent. She was staring intensely at the ground as if plants would grow out of it if she tried hard enough to harass it with her eyes. I pitied the ground: After today, there was no one who could understand the feelings of being harassed by the eyes of humans better than me, right?

“If you don’t mind… I am going home now.” I announced, after thinking a lot of useless things. But I couldn’t help it, not that I really liked doing so, but I just never noticed when my mind went off to a far away place.

I was about to leave the classroom, when I felt someone pulling my shirt. I turned my head and saw her holding the corner of my shirt with two fingers. Just like child, she looked at me with pitiful eyes. With a silent voice she asked; “I… umm, can you accompany me to somewhere?”

And so I ended up in the pub where I drunk the medicine: walking silently as if I was walking alone. Looking right to left, hoping that no one would remember what happened to Lise. If someone told her that a weird man took my unconscious body away, she would suspect my absence and would end up looking for me who could never be found.

“But and I don’t think he would.” Alice finished her line and kept looking at me as if she was waiting for my reply. Too bad I was not listening. I was more concerned about her finding out what happened with me.

She couldn’t bear the silence much longer so she asked one more time. “Will you?” Her cheeks reddened slightly.

“Uh, okay.” I said and took my cocktail from the waiter. My head rested on my linker hand and with my left hand I took my glass of cocktail. The shy waiter kept staring at me, overwhelmed by my awesomeness, as I nonchalantly pressed my lips against the cold glass. She almost tripped when she walked back to the bar. Then I turned around and noticed that Alice was staring at the girl, angrily. I didn’t know what she did wrong but I can sense some rivality here.  

“What’s wrong, Alice? You don’t look too well.” I teased her. I knew that there was no way in hell she would tell me that she was angry about something trivial. She never told anyone what was in her heart; the only exception was me, as Alice of course.

“I… there is nothing… but since you’ve already agreed on it, please don’t act like this in school. It won’t look too convincing.” She nagged. After being hinted like that I still couldn’t find out what exactly I agreed on, but it seemed like I won’t be able to get out of this easily. She left me no other choice but seducing it out of her. Without noticing I slightly grinned.

I lifted my head from the hand I was resting on, leaned for over and asked with tempting voice level 14. (Warning: Tempting voice level 14 can paralyze the pray and make its heart beat faster. Please do not use against innocent objects.)Well, she’s not an object. “So, what do you want me to do?” My eyes fixed on hers like a wolf looking at a helpless little rabbit.)

“No… nothing, like this is fine.” She looked away, unable to force herself to look at me any longer. I could catch a glimpse of her tomato-red ears before her blonde hair fell down from the shoulders like a waterfall and covered it.

Damn, she won’t tell me… Stubborn girl like always, I guess I’ll give up for now.

Once she had calmed down a little she peeped at me. With those bright blue eyes Alice seemed like she wanted to talk to me but was too scared to.

Teehehe, cute! Wait what am I thinking?! I am a delicate girl as well! No need to compliment others.

While I was wrestling with my thoughts, I didn’t notice that she had begun to smile again. If I did see that laugh, it would have been fatal.



Author's note:

(sigh, I know, it's a long looong chapterr...)

The End

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