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Student Xander:

Hi, I am a male student at Asuri high. I knew how difficult it was to get into this school. “Your grades had to be pretty high or you had to have a pretty rich family.” my teachers informed me when I told them that I had picked this high school. So I wondered how rich the parents of the transfer student had to be, to be able to get in, in the middle of the school year. After some hours, I completely forgot about him, even though he was rich there was no way he would beat me, one of the students with the highest scores for the entrance exam. It was surely something I was proud of.

When I passed the headmaster’s office I saw a lot of girls surrounding the bench. I wondered who had caused this commotion. Was there a fight? Did the Double Jokers cause trouble again? Even though they were two trouble makers, they were very popular with girls. I envied them for that but luckily they would never beat me in academicals terms. I don’t think that “the perfect guy” exists. You can’t possibly be cool, strong, handsome, smart AND lucky at the same time. And as for me, I was just the last two. But girls seemed to fall for those with the first 3, like the Double Jokers.

I peeped through the crowd and saw an unfamiliar prince-like guy sitting. Was this the transfer student? Let’s say he was the handsome and lucky type for now. Everyone’s eyes were glued on him as well as mine. I couldn’t help but feel attached to him, even though I was a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay, I just hate to see guys with good looks. They get more girls than they actually deserve. The only thing I hoped for was that this way-too-handsome-than-necessary guy would not appear in my classroom. That probably would mean the beginning of hell for the other guy-like existences in our class. In short that could mean the beginning of hell for me.

While we had a break of 10 minutes, a lot of people seemed to be rushing to the gym. I wondered why, so I tagged along to hear who the fan girls were screaming for. There I saw the transfer student beating the people from the judo club, the karate club, the taekwondo club and all the other martial arts clubs. So this guy was not only handsome and lucky, he was also strong and cool. I became even more jealous of the almost perfect guy. But luckily, he would never beat me on academical terms.

“Students, this is our transfer student, Alex Morgh. I am proud to tell you that he had the highest score of all for the entrance exam. This is the one who has broken all the records!” the teacher explained excitedly.

“Hi I hope we’ll all be friends.” The Smart Prince said as he swept his hair back.

After this show, I had to admit that this guy was perfect, willing or not. But… Something was odd about the prince on the white horse.

The End

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