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I thought that those were my last words on earth but luckily we crashed against my fall-o-matt. It slows down the speed of the crashing object first and made it possible to stop softly. I have to admit that I’d never met any woman who could drive a car as dangerously as she does. Even though I changed her into a man, she can still drive like a woman! Or let’s say, not even one part of her DNA says that she could drive! The scariest thing of the entire ride was that she didn’t feel scared at all. The mad woman was smiling all the time! From the beginning till the end she didn’t blink an eye, it made me want to puke. Like a hyena seeing her pray stuck in a trap, she even started laughing when she saw me shaking violently with fear. I’m pretty sure that she wanted revenge for what I’d done to her. There is no other way to explain her crazy way of driving.

I stepped out the car as fast as I could; I didn’t want to die yet. My anger and fear still lingered in my body and I was still shaking like a mad man. Alex stepped out of the car too and stretched her body as she smiled to me to apologize. But I was too mad, so I turned around and ignored her.

“Hey Marc don’t be mad, I didn’t destroy anything!” After hearing Alex’s voice I was convinced that the monster wasn’t scared at all. I call that thing a monster because I refused to believe that there was a human being created on earth that wouldn’t be scared when they experienced anything like this! A normal human being would have peed in his pants a long time ago!  Luckily, I did not. Otherwise my reputation would have been destroyed, along with my calm life. I really regretted doing my experiment on her. I guess that stranger was right; to save my life I had to find something to leave this place. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t survive the year if I didn’t.

I saw Alex run into some bottles of chemical mixtures. My years of work were spilled on him in a few seconds. Why did I even take a monster in my lab? I scold Alex and took him to the testing room. Everything was reacting normally, which really surprised me. I didn’t expect Alex to be normal after the whole incident. But this way I can send her to school, so I would be free!

After sending the troublemaker to school I came back home to clean up, or to put it rightly “let my robots clean up the mess”.  While I was commanding, my wife ran down stairs with a cell phone in her hands. She looked happy. I wondered what made her so excited.

“Marc good news, the headmaster of Harvard called, they want you as to work together with the other professors on a project!” she told me.

Looks like, god heard my call…




Marc looked really angry, and I knew it was me that destroyed his beautiful car. But what could I do, I really liked the ride. It was like going in a rollercoaster. Scared? Of course I was! I even peed in my pants. Luckily I ran into some bottles with weird liquids. So they wouldn’t notice that I had wet my pants.

The tests were so boring that I almost fell asleep. He did some of this and some of that, and I had to move around a bit to come to the conclusion that I was completely fine. His face told me that he wasn’t too convinced about my normalness which I really didn’t understand… “What could there be wrong with me?” I wondered “I’m normal right?!”

Then the professor brought me to my new school. And like 70% of the parents on the first day of school, he brought me too early. It was not that bad, because I could look around for a bit as the school slowly was filled with students. After strolling for a while I decided to go have a nice talk with the headmaster.

One by one people passed me by as I stood there in the corridor of the headmaster’s office. They all had a dreamy and surprised look on their faces as they stared at me continuously, some even turned around and kept looking at me, others gathered near the bench where I was sitting. It was like they wanted to show me how milk would feel like in a deserted ally, full with stray cats. They shouldn’t look at my precious face! It might rot if they kept staring like that.

“Alex Morgh?” the lady from the office called. I stood up in the middle of all the whispering “Oowh the hottie’s name is Alex, soooooo cute!”

 Suddenly the headmaster’s eyes, that were stiff a few moments ago, turned into those of a wolf that was looking at a steak. Why did I have to be unbearable handsome? “I didn’t know that you could feel harassed just by having someone looking at you, thank for this lesson headmaster.” I wanted to say that, but I remembered Marc’s words just on time: “Don’t you dare cause trouble on the first day of school young girl ... man.” So I didn’t dared to say it … at least for today.

“Come in!” she said excitedly “Please go sit there.”

I followed all her commands and sat there, ready to rot between the paperwork. “No wonder headmasters are always so busy. If you see these loads of work they have to do, you’ll understand right away.” I thought compassionately.

“So tell me a bit about yourself, Alex”

“Uhm, I Am Alex Morgh, I’m 17 years old. And I really want to be accepted in this school. My grades for the entrance exams were A- or more. And I’m good at martial arts.” I’m not lying; I really am that smart and strong.

“Wait?! A- or more? Why did you come to this school, Alex, you could even go to Oxford if you wanted to!”

“Well it’s the closest school here, so that’s why.” I replied in a monotonous voice. “And I have happy-go-lucky personality so there is no way I’m going to Oxford.” I whispered to myself silently.

“Oh” She answered surprised. “Okay, Alex, welcome to Asuri High. There is no way I can say no to a student as perfect as you!” she said after signing some papers and giving them to me. I was supposed to take those to my teacher, but I was too lazy. So I was, as slowly as I could, roaming around the school like a ghost with nowhere specific to go. And if a teacher stopped me, I’d just tell them I was lost. Of course, the fun would end after being captured by a teacher, so I’d just make it impossible for the teachers to find me. Two hours passed, and there was still no sign of me getting caught. Suddenly, I remembered Marc words again, so I ran to the gym, hoping that I could find some nice teacher who would believe my “I-got-lost-theory”. Well, a smart person would calculate the amount of time and the numbers of students walking around. Then they’d soon come to the conclusion that it was impossible to get lost and not be able to ask anyone for help. This was the reason why I ran to the gym. Gym teachers are more talkative and don’t really take the time to calculate whether the student was lying or not. They’re not naïve, they’re just more trusting. This is probably because they meet less sly students who are trying to come up with 101 excuses for not doing homework. Why? Well students don’t have to come up with stupid excuses like “my dog ate my homework”. It’s common knowledge that gym teachers don’t give any homework at all. So I stood there watching people practice judo and other martial arts Weird, does this high school teach you this? I always had to go to a club for those kinds of activities. I pouted about my lost money on those stupid clubs and decided to join this one. I immediately ran to the teacher to ask him how to join the team and he agreed, but I had to defeat 3 people first. I grinned as I shook his hand excitedly. It was going to be easy for a champion and black belt. I could see in his eyes that he was underestimating me. Why would he? Is it because I am too handsome? I believe that one day I’ll get paranoid because of my overly gorgeous face and body! But it was good that he underestimated me. I’ll make sure he never makes the same mistake again.

The gym teacher whistled and all my future victims gathered. I meant “opponents”, of course. Even though practically all of them were big guys I was pretty sure I could win this easily. No one could catch up with my speed and if you added the possibilities of this new muscular body, you should be able to conclude for yourself that I had become invincible! Every member stood there like a potato not caring about the training at all. Those useless bastards! Unbelievable, I have to pay thousands of Euros a year to go to all those clubs and those potatoes don’t even try to train when they get it for free! “I’ll teach them for sure!” I thought, when the gym teacher was explaining the situation.

“Okay, Mathew Arion, you’re first.” He said after finishing his short explanation. The name sounded familiar! Maybe someone I knew? I observed the rookie clumsily walking forward. The poor guy had bruises all over his body, what heartless individual had done that to him? I kind of felt bad for the guy. So I decided to make it fast and painless.

“Ready? Start!”

As soon as the signal went off, I grabbed his collar and smashed him on the ground. It wasn’t difficult to catch him in a grip so he wouldn’t be able to move at all. Everybody in the room was staring dumbfounded, some people started texting the news of “Mathew getting beaten by an unknown student”. As the tournament proceeded, of course with different students, more and more people seemed to gather in the gym. It was like ants being lured by the smell of sweetness. The girls started cheerleading. They all were cheering for the same person, me. I could understand their stupidity for cheering for me instead of their fellow classmates, because I would also cheer for an unknown hottie instead of some known potatoes. But I would still I call it stupidity because it was not smart at all. Thinking about it, I somehow felt bad for the girls too, for having to go to a school where so many potatoes gathered. So I decided to serve some mashed potatoes for them to entertain them. After winning 10 times in a row the gym teacher couldn’t bear the sight of his students being beaten up any longer and decided to put an end to it.

“Good, Alex, welcome to the team!” he patted my sweaty but sexy hair. I don’t know why he put an “I-just-did-something-gross-face” on. It couldn’t be because of touching my hair; any girl would die to touch it, right?

“Alex, here you are! How come you disappeared like this?” a voice pierced through the crowd. I saw everybody freezing, it seemed like the owner of the voice was someone terrifying. I turned around to look at the source of the stern voice and faced the headmaster. I saw every one’s eyes become full of pity. I knew I would be in big trouble if I didn’t let the Alex-magic do its work. So I swept my hair back. At first sight, it looked like natural innocence but it was not something you could pull off without practicing. With my most pitiful eyes I looked at her and explained that I had actually gotten lost in the big school and that I found the gym teacher first. I had wanted to join the club so badly that I had immediately asked whether I could join or not. So it was all coincidence that I ended up in the competition. With a relieved smile the headmaster commanded everyone back to their classroom. At that moment I became aware of the fact that being this handsome had some advantages! While I was being led to my classroom by the headmaster herself, I was thinking of other possibilities that my body would be able to provide me with. It could be a big advantage! Once in the classroom I realized that I was already known by the female part of the class. I somehow found it creepy… Their laugh was so lustful. There was no way I would find peace. Maybe the body was not that great after all?

The End

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