the weirdo and the mad scientistMature


It is unbelievable, how can she just run around naked like that? No woman would ever do that. Is it my medicine that created such a weirdo? Well, never mind though. She wants to change my master piece into some fashion boy! That is unforgivable. I’m going to tease her a bit about that.

After making the medicine I went outside to take some rest. Suddenly, a mysterious weirdo turned up.

“Mister, you’re going to die soon,” he said as he smiled with his dirty, disgusting teeth. It made me want to run to the bathroom to brush my own teeth. And so I did.




The next morning I woke up and Marc already stood there excited in his white coat. He gave me some weird liquid. But you know, prof, this time I won’t be stupid anymore and just swallow anything when I’m offered something by a weirdo. I’ve learned that it can lead to disasters like yesterday. My stomach grumbled as I saw the bacon and eggs on the plate, lying there waiting for me to devour.  Now I think of it, I didn’t have my dinner yesterday! So I turned off my brains and jumped on the plate full with lovely food.  

Who would have thought that I would fall for the same trick twice? The naïve me, who was so hungry that I didn’t taste the medicine, fell right off my chair and fainted for the second time this week. Before I lost conscience I could hear the stupid man laugh. “Damn, what’s so funny?”

The next thing I saw when I woke up was once again the same ceiling. It’s not that unfamiliar anymore, this time I knew where I was. I stood up and excitedly I looked for a mirror. Couldn’t wait to see my dream guy, I thought while drooling. I meant myself… It’s such a waste to actually BE the hottie instead of dating him. The first moment when I caught a glimpse of myself, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was extremely out-of-the-earth G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! How could anyone be this perfect?

I have a long thin build, but I look strong and muscular. Luckily this time, I don’t look like a sumo wrestler but like a male super model. I have a perfect nose, sharp brownie-coloured eyes and elegant lips that will be dreamed of by girls over the whole wide world. Next I took off my shirt to enjoy the view. That is when I started drooling again, believe it or not, I have a six pack under my fair brownie skin! My hands are big, like all the other guys. The only differences were my nails, which seemed to glow from manliness even though they are perfectly taken care of by a girl like me. I know that it’s difficult to get the picture, because I wouldn’t be able to do so, I am just too handsome to be able to be described in those earthly words.

“Damn I think I’m becoming a narcist. That’s easy with this kind of face, you know.” I said to Marc who was running downstairs. I don’t know why he was running, but he’ll tell me later anyways.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but come with me Alex. It’s already 6 am and I have to test you before sending you to your new school,” he said as he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me towards the lab. Or at least he tried to. After looking at him with funny faces as he was desperately trying to get some movement in me for awhile, I thought it was about time to do as he pleased. So, I followed him to his lab. 

I have to say that I was impressed that the NASA hadn’t found this underground empire… How big can a private laboratory be? I know everything is possible underground but, what if a neighbor wanted to build a pool? Or a dog wanted to burrow his newly found shoe, stolen from its owner? Anyways I’m going get lost in here for sure. So I decided that I would ask Marc to write down a map for me. But after seeing him hesitating about where to go to, I concluded that I was not the only one who was hopeless with directions. He opened a big door and guess what? There was a car, no not a normal one but a racecar! “I’m going to race underground!” I grinned excitedly, snatched the key from Marc’s hands and jumped in, ready to start the car. I started the engine and I could hear it humming proudly. Damn, I loved the sound! When Marc slowly stepped inside, in silence, I sped-up.  

“Wear your seatbelt!” Marc commanded as he grabbed his own tightly.

“Chill out, there’s no police here!” I turned around and grabbed the steering wheel. Did I mention that I’m good with cars? Of course, I didn’t because I am not! To be honest I’ve never driven a car before, I just wanted to try. Strangely enough, I never thought that it would be this difficult. But it didn’t really matter; if I crashed somewhere it would be against some unknown liquid anyway. With some luck I might even survive this! However the person next to me was shaking like a vibrator, his once so calm face turned into a rainbow; it had different colours at the same time. Since I’d never seen it before, I turned my head around to observe the phenomenon elaborately. I might be busy driving the car, but what if his face changed back to normal? This was more important, to me that was…

“Look where you’re going!” the rainbow-coloured man screamed at me. He was panicking, and I of course I knew why! He is such a shy man. To get embarrassed just by having me look at him. What a weird man! I gave him a passionate smile, and turned back.

“I’m going to die!” the man screamed. No one would have predicted that the same man, who was like calmness himself a few minutes ago, would change so drastically. I don’t know why he was like this, but it was funny! I couldn’t keep my eyes off his sacred-cat-movements, they had something special. So I couldn’t help but laughing softly. “Chill out, I am a lucky person, we won’t die that easily!”

“But I am not crazy like you! Stop the car imme…”


The End

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