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I went to the pub where we first met, isn’t it nostalgic? The place where she came across that jerk, seemed so...CALM! I stepped inside and ordered the most expensive alcoholic drink and I started drinking, one after another. It seemed so cruel of him to make her fall in love with him and dump her so heartlessly afterwards. I couldn’t help but laugh that she had ever thought that that love would last forever. It clearly wasn’t that way. All her friends could see that, she was the only one who didn’t.

“If I were a boy, I would never make a girl suffer like this!” I said, but I’m a girl after all and I can’t even change a thing about it. (Lucky me!)

“Then why don’t you become one?” don’t understand me wrong, I’m not talking to myself. Yes, I was drunk but not THAT drunk! The question was posed by a charismatic middle aged man. Even though he had some white locks of hair between the nightmare black hairs, he still looked so handsome. Combined with the mysterious air around him, it made him so attractive that no woman would be able to ignore him. If my friend hadn’t been a teenager she would have fallen for Marc instead. She met him way before she met the jerk after all. They always start a pointless conversation but I liked his way of talking because the way he said it all, often changed the “pointless” part into a part of the conversation where I think “this makes sense!” The man stepped over to my table and ordered a drink for me, one I’ve never heard of before: “the other side of the rainbow”.

“People always think that the other side of the rainbow is much prettier than the side where they are. So why don’t you go there and find out for yourself?” Marc whispered mysteriously.

“Well, the reason why they think that is because it is true!” I said as I tried the new drink. Suddenly everything was pitch black. Before I passed out, I could still feel someone lifting me up as he said to me, “Have a nice sleep my girl, tomorrow is going to be the hardest day of your life.”




When I opened my eyes I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. How did I become so drunk that I couldn’t remember going to the right room? My head ached like hell and with every move I made. I became convinced that I had become lighter than before. Does alcohol help you lose weight? Maybe I should start drinking more alcohol? And while I was having an internal discussion with myself about the benefit of alcohol, Marc came in.

“Don’t tell me Marc …” I was somewhat confused but I thought I knew what happened last night.

Marc looked at me apologetically.

My mind went blank… “Did I really… Are you…?” I stuttered

The man nodded convincingly.

“You’re a pedophile?!” I screamed.

Then the emotions on his face suddenly faded away, as if they were turned off by one single switch. “No I’m not!” he said angrily.

“Then why did you?” I asked, unable to control my anger any longer… “Give me back my virginity!”  I screamed while throwing a pointy object at him.

“What? I did not take your virginity! I have a wife! You’re accusing me.” He threw the arguments at me as he was running away from the dangerous stuff.

“Then why the hell does my body hurt all over and am I lying in your house?” It wasn’t supposed to be a question, more like evidence, or maybe logic reasoning.

“Well…” he started…

“See?! You don’t have any other excuses! JERK!” I interrupted him. I didn’t have the word “patience” in my dictionary.  

“Let me finish my words,” He said. “Or wait!” he turned around and held a picture of a muscular big man. No wait! It’s not a picture, it’s a mirror! For the first time since I had woken up I looked down. My body was so muscular and my chest was flat. Before, it was flat also, but not this flat! They could land a plane on this!

“What did you do to me?” Marc could see that I was panicking, which was normal, since you don’t get to see a young girl turn into a macho guy every day.

“Didn’t you want to become a man?” he asked innocently.

“No, I said that IF I were a man I would never do that to a girl.” I explained

“Now you have a chance to prove that, Lise” He said. Now look at his smile, how can he smile like he has done nothing wrong? How can he do this to me? That stupid Marc! When you turn a young girl into a guy, at least turn her into a handsome one! Wait was  I supposed to say “him” or “her”? What the heck should I call myself? I don’t want to call myself a hermaphrodite! That’s just cruel!

After concluding that this was not what I wanted, I beamed lasers through him with my eyes. You’re going to die soon mister, with these muscles and this body I am pretty sure that I could kill a man with one single hit. Maybe I should experiment on him like he did to me? “What experiment,” you ask? Maybe I should call it the “how long can I hit a body” or “how to get rid of a mad scientist”. The question is; how did he turn me into a guy anyways? I don’t remember any article about a transgender formula.

I stood up. Oh wow, I had grown taller too? Great, I think I could go for a sumo wrestler. With every step I got closer, the professor’s heart beat faster; he knew he was in danger.

“Why did you turn me into this ugly guy?” I asked desperately

“Ugly?! You’re HANDSOME!” he praised convincingly.

“NO! I look like a macho man who exercises every day to keep himself muscular.” I almost cried. I wonder what the male macho me would look like while crying. And I have to admit that it would be something really hilarious. While the almost crying me was imagining about the male crying me, I suddenly had to laugh.

“You’re… okay?” Marc asked. Suddenly he had a very worried face combined with some guilt. I wonder why his expression had become that way. HE had nothing to worry about, right? (Well, except for the fact that I might use violence against him.)

“I’m not! I don’t want to live in this body!” I nagged. I really don’t want to look this way. Even if it becomes an advantage when I practice my sports, I still refuse this over-muscular look.

“Well I have good news and bad news.” He declared nervously.

I stared blankly, what would be even worse news than waking up in this body?

“I can’t turn you back in a girl for one whole year; it will be deadly for your body if we do. But I can change the way you look, just tell me what you want to look like as a guy and I’ll make it happen for you, my dear.” After he explained all that, he closed his eyes, as he waited for me to hit him. And hell yeah, I want to hit him, but I was not going to. What if I accidentally killed him, what if I forgot that I had to keep him alive? Then I’d probably have to live in this fucked up body forever.

“I want dark brown hair, jade coloured eyes, 180 cm tall, not too muscular not too thin. Let me sketch it for you!” I was excited. I’ve always wanted to see what the boy I think is so handsome would look like in real life. I started drawing, showing my drawing skills I’d never showed to anyone before. When I was done with what I actually wanted to look like I somehow became aware of the fact that I couldn’t marry myself! I’d guess I just have to turn into a narcist who only loves themselves. It could be possible with this kind of face. What to do now? What if the only thing that I wanted to do was looking in the godforsaken mirror? I’d turn into a useless person and this way I’d get fired at any place I work. Maybe I’d even have to become a host and have to share this handsome body with some old woman that had come to enjoy herself! What would society come to think of me?!

I had come across the biggest decision of my entire life: To become a hottie or not to become a hottie, that was the question!

After considering the goods and the bads of both for a while I decided to actually become a hottie; otherwise I’d miss the chance to see my dream boy! There was no freaking way I wanted to miss that!  

So I finished my drawings and showed it proudly to Marc. He muttered something like, “now you look much better than the painting.” But never believe his words, surely on terms of looks! Only those who love sumo wrestlers and are crazy would think this as something near handsome. Don’t understand me wrong, I don’t have anything against sumo wrestlers but I don’t want to become one!

“Okay give me one night to finish my medicine” he declared

“Good, I wanted to go to school anyways.” I answered, forgetting about the fact that I didn’t have an identity.

“No, you can’t after taking the medicine you have to do some tests so I can know whether your body is stable or not.” Marc forbade me to go, what a nuisance!

“I want to go to school!” Lol, I never thought I would say something like this. But it’s normal, you know, it’s really normal to want to lead a normal life like before.

After protesting for a while he decided to put me into another school and give me a new identity. “It wouldn’t take much time.” He promised me. The problem is, how the heck was he going to do that? What more was he capable of?! Did I get involved with a illegal organization? Were they going to sell my beautiful body to some perverted rich old woman?

I decided not to think unnecessary things, and went into “my” room. YES, it was mine now; Marc gave the room to me. As long as I am a guy I can live in his house and do as I please. Personally I don’t object to this idea; it’s not that I can return to mine. And I even have to admit that this one is a lot bigger than my own.

My parents wouldn’t notice it for the moment anyways; they’re never home. And they will go crazy if they knew I had turned into a guy. If I’m lucky, they won’t faint every time I try to explain. Not that there is much to explain… I’ll just go for a “Hi mom, Hi dad, a crazy professor turned me into a guy.” To keep it as short as possible, so they won’t have the chance to faint twice. Ain’t I a good daughter, I mean, son? I thought as I opened the bathroom door. I never thought that it was time to experience the “hardest” part of being a man. My problem is… how do you pee with this thing? When I thought about it, I suddenly realized that it was about to flow. So I ran out of my room, naked of course, and knocked violently on Marc’s door. I could see it shaking, but who cares, if it breaks down, it’s his own fault for buying a bad quality door. “Open up dude! It’s urgent business here!”  Inside the room you could hear someone tripping and running towards the closed door.  “What’s up Alex? What is…?” Just so you know, Alex Morgh is my current identity. You know, it is so funny to see his worried expression change into one that shows disgust for my manhood. Not that I don’t disgust it myself, but I’d better get used to it, I have to live with this thing for the coming year!

“Hey Marc, teach me how to use the toilet.”

Marc stood there dumbfounded as he said: “Just grab it and aim.”

Then he closed the doors softly, still shocked by what just had happened, as I ran in full speed to the nearest toilet. 

Once I was inside I took my manhood in my hand, with closed eyes but then I realized that I couldn’t possibly aim this way so I forced myself to open my eyes and put the thing into the right position. This was the time where a lot of coordination was required. No wonder guys are great sharp shooters, they get to exercise everyday! I know that I just said that I had to get used to it as fast as possible but touching it is something completely different, you know? I released all breaks I had down there and the relieving feeling overwhelmed me. It felt so good that I almost thought that I was flying high with the birds and bees in the beautiful sky.

If you asked me what my first day of being a man taught me, it was that a man really leads a hard life, surely when he has to use the toilet!

Exhausted I lay there in my bed and fell asleep… After I had taken a bath of course, I still have the mind of a girl.

The End

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