Perfect Boyfriend ProjectMature

Summary of Perfect Boyfriend Project:
What would happen when a girl, wanted to create the perfect boyfriend, meets a mad scientist? Well, it could be the birth of the perfect boyfriend!
-The author isn't responsible for the medical fee. It is your own fault if you get stomachaches bye laughing too much.
-The author is also not responsible for the increasing weird looks you get from people when you copy the actions of some characters in this book after reading it.
-Please do not try


“Let’s break up.”

Alice asked, I could see her tears falling down slowly.  They had almost been a month together, yet she didn’t know much about him. It was all because he never told her anything about himself.

“I don’t love you anymore, so why stay together?” his cold words seemed to freeze even my once so warm heart. So we didn’t have to talk about her broken heart.

“But I still love you…” she stammered.

“Good for you, but I’ve had enough.” He said with his gaze focused on someone else, a beautiful girl who was just passing by. (No not me, even though I have to admit that I am pretty cute.)

“Can’t we give it one more chance?” she begged, she didn’t want to lose him, her first boyfriend ever. He was her everything, her whole world.

“No” was his answer.

“Please Math, I...” but before my best friend could finish her sentence he …

“Gosh, you’re so F*CKING annoying. It’s over ok? Give up! It’s not like you’re cute or anything when you cry.” He screamed at her, like screaming to a dog that had just pooped on his expensive shoes. The only difference was that she did not poop on him, which I really regret. Why didn’t she poop on him? What a jerk, I never thought he would be this way. Math had always acted so gentle and sweet. (I said “act” not “is”!)

The first time I met him we were both very drunk at a pub. I saw her laughing at him and a few minutes later, I saw her uncontrollably falling in love with him when he grinned back at her. I told her that love at first sight is not trustworthy, not enough for real love. But you know what? She did not believe me; love made her blind to his cold way of acting. Luckily, I am not the one who is blind, and that’s good! I can at least see where I hit.

I looked at him angrily, but he seemed not to care. Well, not his fault, I never told him I have black belts for 4 kinds of martial arts and the fact that I am the national taekwondo champion. I thought it would make people get scared of me; I’m a girl after all, so I have to act fragile. I’m pretty glad about it. This way it will be easier for me to get revenge for hurting my best friend.

After my friend had run away, crying, I tugged his shirt, like I would do when I’m
flirting with a hot guy. (The BIG difference here is the fact that this guy is very far away from hot, in my eyes.)

“Okay, but can you at least come with me for a while. I want to give you something.” I said with an innocent smile.

He grinned and followed me.

When we arrived at a deserted place I jumped on him. His puzzled face combined with the fact that he cried out loud because of the pain I caused with my fist, made me laugh hysterically. To a passerby I might have looked like a crazy woman who had escaped from of an asylum, but I haven’t. I am completely fine, hahahaa!

I kept drumming on his body with my fist and with every beat I got some music out of Mathew Arion, the one who LOOOVES music. Now I am dedicating my fist to create some wonderful music for him. (Ain’t I nice?)Or should I say, “to get some wonderful sound out of him”? Both sound so attractive! I never thought that any sound could be SO relaxing. Every time my fist touched his body it seemed like the stress and hate flowed out of me.
When I finished, he lay there unable to get up, screaming something like “You will regret this!” Seeing that the jerk was still able to talk, I stepped on poop on purpose and used the same foot to shut him up. Don’t look at me with those fearful eyes! I did not hit with full force. Why would I? I don’t want to become a murderer because of you! After cleaning my foot with his shirt, the angelic smile reappeared on my face. As I walked away I said. “Thank you for everything, Math.”

The End

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