My Return

Note: before reading this chapter, be sure to read chimerakiller2's story "Realm of the Internet" in order to understand where he's been for the past half year, and how he got so awesome.

I flew back to the laboratory to see the professor and someone else, on the ground waiting for me. The professor didn't seem too happy.

"Where the hell have you been!? And why are your wings and claws made of titanium!?"

"Don't ask, computers, internet memes, and a bunch of other things that people like you would be afraid of." I walked up to the other guy. "I take it you're the badgerman?" He nodded, he was in his early twenties, a bit chubby, blond hair, and just had a look that made him seem smart. "Well nice to see you're back to normal. Anyway, what did I miss when I was gone?"

"THAT!!!" The professor pointed up at the sky at a hole in the sky. He didn't need to explain it, I already knew what happened. Apparently when I left my story I broke a piece of the sky, leaving a hole where I went in.

" Since you left, that hole has sent thousands of monsters onto this Earth, destroying the forest and any nearby cities! You've brought the end of the world!"

"What?! That's ridiculous, if the memes came here how come the lab is still okay?"

"That... I don't actually no, everything's just been avoiding it for some reason." As soon as he said that, I realized what happened. They knew I had to come back here, and they kept this is tact to give them time. I was positive if they saw me, the professor, ex-badgerman, and I would all be history.

"We need to get out of here."

"But the forest.."

"Now! Do you have a car?"

"I'm a scientist, I have a jet car!"

"Perfect, get in it and get ready to drive! We're gonna need to find a new hideout."

"Why?" And as soon as he said that, I saw a laser (or lazer) fired just above the lab. The shoops were coming.

"That's why! Now hurry!" We all ran into the lab to the car. Contrary to what the professor usually makes, this was actually pretty decent looking. The professor got in the drivers seat, and the other guy took shotgun, leaving me the back. Good thing too, I needed a rest.

The professor hit the gas, sending the car from zero to sixty in less than a half a second. We crashed out of the lab and through the burned down forest. By the time we left meme territory, we were going more than six hundred miles and hour. I watched what had happened to the land behind me, everything was gone. Completely, gone.

I laid down for a couple of minutes. It was a bad idea to leave my story, now it's being destroyed. But I'm not too worried, I've faced these guys in the internet, I knew I could go a couple more round with them.

But first things first.

"My name's Richard," said the ex-badgerman. "Sorry about what happened before."

"Don't worry, what's passed is past."

"So where are we going?"

"Where the professor is driving us."

"Well where am I going!?" asked the professor, now a bit shaky.

"We need to go to the space station, get some staples and some sort of cover."

"How is this going to get rid of the monsters!?"

"That comes later. First, we're gonna need to close that hole."

The End

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