Animorph Battle

Quickly I got to ground level (clumsily) and made my way to the badger-man. Maybe I could reason with him, maybe I could get him to come back to the lab and get cured.

Erm yeah, I was wrong.

As soon as he saw me he ran towards me swinging his paw-hands in my direction. Panicking, I flew up, and hit a branch. Luckily the thing was stupid, and walked into the tree.  So, both disoriented, we began to fight... sort of.

I tried to run towards him and claw him to death, but my wings caught something and I lost my balance. So there he is a foot away from me and I'm about to die, and then I realized " Hey, I just remembered, I can stand!" So I did, and then took action in the only way I knew how. NINJA POSE!

Needless to say, all my plans suck. So the badger took the chance and jumped on me... though somehow I was able to turn him over and stick my talons in his stomach. He gave a big yelp of pain and clawed me in the face. How can I describe it? I have no idea, seriously, I can't decided if I was scratched or punched, it's so dang annoying! Anyway, with that... attack, I was forced off of him and then he ran away. I gave a huge sigh of relief and turned the other direction.

The badger-guy turned out to be smarter than I thought, as soon as I turned around he ran after me, so I booked it in the forward direction. It then occured to me that I wasn't going to win this fight and began to go airborne. I thought I was good, but the badman ( contraction, not a name called) was determined to kill me, and grabbed onto my legs. I swear if my wings had been any smaller I would've gone down.

But they weren't,  so we didn't.

HE was swinging me back and forth and I just kept going up. He scratched my leg, I just kept going up. He bit me until my leg started to bleed, I let go off him, came back down, and pick him back up by his legs. That solved it for a while, in fact it knocked him out, but then a problem arises. Now what do I do?!?

So I thought quickly and did the only thing that came to mind, I turned back to the senile old proffessors lab. As he saw me come back, all he could manage to do was yell at me. "Where were you? Why did you run away? How are the wing working? Do you know how much my bottom..." I'll save you the trouble and not finish that sentence. At that point I switched back to human.  Then he stopped being angry and instead became shocked. "Is that my old test subject? How did you catch him? I've been looking all over!"

I shrugged "He's a reckless one I have to say." Then I turned away. The old man came running towards me.

"Where are you going?!? What am  supposed to do with a psychotic badgerman?!?"

I looked him in the eyes. "I don't care what you do with him, but so long as he's like this, keep me the hell out of it." And with that, I took off.

The End

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