To the Air and in the sky

The bird is meant to fly, the man is meant to walk. The man turned bird is meant to get about two feet above the ground and then crash, repeatedly.

"No no no you have to keep flapping!" The professor was trying to coach me through the whole thing. " My goodness you are the most ignorant animal I have ever trained!" Bite me.

I tried again, this time instead of the airplane strategy, I tried the chicken strategy, just flap until I'm in the air then flap to keep moving. I lost about fifty feathers, and didn't move an inch. Once again I tried the running approach, I took off, made it up two feet, accidentally stopped flapping and wiped out on the ground. To those of you who haven't done this before, IT'S NOT FUN!

"That does it, you need inspiration!" before I got a chance to get up, the professor took me to a cliff and threw me off.... wait, what?!?

Sure enough, I look down and I see I was hurdling towards the ground really really fast. Is this guy insane? On second thought, don't answer that.

I realize that I had to expand my wings if I wanted to live, so I did, and it worked. Then I tried flapping to get back up and beat the crap outta the professor. It was difficult, but somehow I had managed to go back up and land on the cliff.

"EXCELLENT! You've passed flying lesson 1." ONE!?!? THERE WERE MORE!?!? I didn't stay long enough to learn, and flew away. Still struggling a bit, but I managed.

 I was about 5 storeys high and soaring with ease, and I decided to take a trip to the river I was at  while ago. Of course I planned to turn back to me when I got there. And that's when I saw it.

If you'd been paying attention to chapter three, you'd know that the professor's first subject for this project turned half man half badger. I just found him tearing apart the forest.

The End

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