Beginning Bird

I'm gonna be completely honest, I hate myself right now.

Okay, here's what happened, the nutcase decided that because he thought I might turn out like his last subject, he had to put me in the cow cage. Lucky for me the cows were doing jumping jacks at the moment, so I was alone in the cage. Every five minutes he came in with a bowl of liquid and said "Drink this lad". Needly to say, they all tasted like splooge. For the rest of the time he sat in his chair AND GOT DRUNK! I'm supposedly gonna change into a freakish hybrid, and he's relaxing away with ridiculous amounts of alcohol!

Once again, I hate myself.

It wasn't until four hours later that he let me out of the cage. Of course while walking out he poke a needle in my arm. I lost it, and hit him square in the face. As I pulled my fist back I realized something. My arms were growing feathers.

"What the hell is going on?"

"You are at the point where you have to change for the first time. Hohohoho!"

"This funny to you freak show?"

" Oh calm down, the formula I've given you means you can always change back. There are a few differences between you and my last subject, but I'll explain when you're done!"

I was about to respond with as many curse words I could think of, but my mouth was already turning yellow and shaping downward. Out of suriousity, I went to the mirror. My arms were growing enourmous wings, while my hands lost all their fingers and became hooks. My hair has now completely turned into feathers and was now slicking back. My legs shrunk to half their original size, and my feet only had two toes, and the one in the back I suppose. My stomach became spotted and grew forward, while my back sprouted its tail feathers. The final change was the eyes. They grew to at least twice as large and became incredibly black. I looked up, and I saw I have completely transformed into a bird. The proffessor waddled up beside me.

"As you can see, you are now a giant bird, but more than that. You are in fact a Peregrine Falcon. The fastest bird in the world. Now, some distinct differences between you and the last guy is that you have changed completely, except for your brain, which has remained the same. Also, unlike him, you may change back to a human, and back to a falcon whenever you want. And of course, you can fly.... well, you can when you learn how to. So this isn't a complete negative, in fact, you may grow to enjoy it."

I didn't care whether he had a point or not, I had to scratch him. Something I already enjoyed about my transforamtion was the claws, I'd win every fight I had. And of course, as he said, I'll be able to fly really really fast. This could be fun.

But then, if the higher power wanted me to have fun, he wouldn't have put me in the helicopter, so there's always that little bit of worry.

The End

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