I walked.

And I walked.

And I walked.

And just to change things up a bit, I sat down. I'd already realized that it's incredibly weird to put a hallway 10 feet below the ground, but what's the point in making it so long? I mean I've been walking for at least an hour to no avail. I get that there was something hidden, but next time I'm recommending teleporter pods.

I continued down the hallway for another fifteen minutes, and then I saw a light. That's when I started running. The light was above a door. Finally! I pushed the door open, and I looked inside.

I wasn't surprised to find that the door lead to a laborotory, however, I will say that this particular lab isn't quite what I had in mind. The room itself was a bit charred, I suppose from a unstable compound, the test animals weren't monkeys or chickens, but cows and sloths, both species bouncing around the room like they were on crack. And everything else in the room was either spotted, glowing, sparkling, or all three.

In the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a cheetah standing up. I turned my head to see, it was a scientist, in an old yellow rain coat, with a very cat like hair style. I decided I've seen enough and backed slowly out of the room, but at the last moment the scientist saw me and called out.

" Oh my! How did you get in here, how did you even find the way in?"

"I fell on it!" When I said that he laughed, in fact, he was almost on the floor. Then before I could turn around he grabbed my arm and shoved me into a chair.

" You must sit down!" I had a choice? " Now, you must be hungry after all that walking, it's quite a long hallway." No crap. " I'll go get you a nice gopher cake!"

He came back in before I could object to the cake. To my relief, the cake wasn't actually made of gopher, it just had a wafer head pop up and downin ice cream cake. While I was eating, the scientist for some reason wouldn't stop touching my wrist. When I asked what he was doing, this is what he said.

"Oh don't mind me, I'm just seeing if you'll be good for my vein replacing experiment." After that I thought it wise not to ask questions, even so he continued. " I do alot of things that most scientists never even dream of. Reason? I'm not afraid of any possible result! For you see, if I do something wrong, no one will ever see that person again! Another reason my hallway..." He stopped right there and began to look at my eyes. For the first time since I got here, he wasn't smiling. " Oh my god, you've eaten the vine!"

" What do you mean?"

" I did an experiment on a vine that I wanted to use to create super heroes, but the young man who tested turned into something I don't even know!!!"

" What did it look like?"

" He looked a bit like a half man half badger."

"Not the man, the vine."

"Oh, it was about three feet long, purple and it glowed." I thought back, then I remembered the lake. I did eat a vine! " I did the best I could but I couldn't make the experiment work, so I dumped them all in a lake, and you ate one!"

" What'll happen to me?"

"I can't say, but whatever happens, it will be completely unexplainable."

The End

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