Hollow hill

Well there we were on the helicopter. I'm not sure how it happened but somehow I ended up in a forest in Hamilton. This is odd on two counts: one, it was three miles away from the nearest road, two, I started in Ottawa, more than 250 miles away. How the heck did this happen?

Well none of that mattered, at least they managed to find me. And now I was on my way back home. I admit though, it would've been way better if the people on the helicopter didn't talk to me.

" How'd you get here? How long were you here? Were you worried?" Eventually I  got tired of this and moved into the co-pilot seat, because if the pilot spoke to me, maybe it would be about helicopters. Something actually interesting.

" So how'd you get here anyway?" I was wrong, I sighed with disappointment.

" I haven't got a clue, I guess one of my friends dropped me off here when I passed out."

"How old are you?"

"I'm 15, why?"

"Little young to be drinking ain't you?" Maybe I should've stayed with the rest of the crew. This guy reminded me too much of my dad. I got off the seat and went back.

And that's when the engine exploded

There was a large panic from the whole crew as they made their way to the front, trying to get the helicopter in control. All four of them grab onto the main rotor  ( for those who don't know, that's how you steer a helicopter). But instead of turning it, they all started twitching. I went over and touched one of their arms and I discovered they were being electrocuted. I have no clue how it happened, maybe a fusebox broke or something, but that's why they collapsed. So I was alone, on a helicopter out of control

I didn't want to take the controls because I'd be electrocuted, and besides I didn't know how to fly a helicopter anyway. My only chance of survival would be jumping. I looked out the window, I was at least two stories above a small hill, I might be able to make it if I rolled. I took a chance, and jumped out.

But when I hit the ground I didn't start rolling, I went through the hill and hit a metal floor. Confused, hurt, and a little dizzy, I stand up and look out the hole I made, the helicopter seems to have crashed in a tree. It wasn't on fire though so the people inside may still be alive, judging on how powerful the rotor was.

There weren't any doors in the place I fell into, just a long, dark hallway. I couldn't possibly see what was down it, but it might've been my only way out. I had no choice, I crossed my fingers and started walking.

The End

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