Sealing the hole

"So let me get this straight." The Security guard to the space station began. "You're saying that you're the one who made the hole in the sky, and you flew into a world inside a computer?"

"That is correct." I nodded, as did Richard and the professor.

"And now monsters, from the internet, are invading this world."


"And you think you can stop all of it... but first you need to use NASA... to take a spaceship to the hole, and repair it... with staples and a blanket?!?"

"Pretty much yeah. You guys have anything to add?" The professor walked forward excitedly.

"Yes! I was the reason he broke the sky, because a sceince experiment of mine mixed his DNA with that of a peregrine falcon, so now he can change to a falcon and humand mix on command. Oh! And Richard here can turn into a badger and human mix! Isn't that right Richard?" Richard nods vigorously.

"It was a very nasty experience."

"Oh, also." I spoke up again. "Because while I was in the internet I fought an octopus monster, some of my bird features are made of titanium."

The security guard looked at me, then the professor, then Richard, and then he started laughing. I quickly realized that explaining the situation probably wasn't the best thing to do. So I moved to plan B.

"I can see that you doubt us, that is understandable, so me and Richard will demonstrate our powers."  Richard looked at me in a way that made me think he didn't like the idea. But I don't really care about Richard yet, so I started changing.

I sprouted my enormous titanium wings out of my arms, my fingers once again began hooks of steel. My mouth formed a titanium beak, and my feet, which haven't worn shoes in a very long time, took the form of three pronged claws. Richard sighed, and then his change also begun. I watched as his head and body grew furry and his teeth grew sharped. Then he grew paws, claws, and stripes. He was a bit shoter than me now, but still looked awesome. I tapped on the security guard, who was still laughing.

"Bahaha! I can't believe you guys expected to..." Yeah, that's when he saw us. "AHHH! MOMMY!!!" He tried to run into the station, but I stuck my claw into his shirt and lifted him. Then I looked at the professor and nodded. 

"Right then, you will escort us to your finest rocket?" 

And then he did.

It was a fairly nice rocket. Good engine, good shape, a bit small, but it will suffice. We were just starting to load the ship when another man walked in. Unlike the security guard, he didn't seem to fear us. And why would he? He had a shotgun.

"Freeze! Put, the security guard, down!" Bad choice of words. I threw the security guard at the man, and then took out a few of my titantium feathers and dropped them to the ground. Then I changed back to my normal self. When the men got back up, I picked up the feathers, and got into ready position.

"You are under arrest!" The security guard tapped on the other mans shoulder.

"Um, sir, I don't think you want to provoke them!"

"Get ahold of yourself! We are security officer, we are feared! We do not fear!" I threw a feather at the officer's hand and forced him to drop the shotgun. I threw one more at his knee and he collapsed to the floor. The security guard panicked and ran away. I walked up to the officer, picked up the shotgun, and shoved it in his face.

"I don't want any trouble. I'm just using the ship to fix the hole in the sky."

"You're... you're good guys!?"

"Dur, notice how you're still alive."

"But wait!" He struggled onto his knees, painfully. "If you can turn into a bird, why can't you fix the hole without the ship?"

"Have you ever tried to put a blanket in the sky? It's very inconvenient to do alone!"

"Well no! You can't have the ship, I forbid it!" I hit him in the face with the gun and then threw it at him. He was completely unconscious. Then I took the last of my feathers, and stuck him to the floor.  

"Okay, let's go."

"B-b-but what about him?" The professor was still staring at the officer. Richard turned back into a human.

"Yeah, is he okay?"

"Oh yeah, just stupid." Richard and I got into the ship, the professor still had his reservations.

"I'm not so sure about this Justin... What if we don't make it?"

"Let me ask you something Goofball. Would you rather die slowly from monsters, or have a 50/50 chance at survival in a rocket ship?" And with that, he joined us. 

I have no idea how to use a spaceship, so I just started pressing random buttons. I managed to put my seat backwards, turn on the seat warmer, and pour coffee on the professor. Then Richard took a look at the controls.

"Why didn't you push the button that is clearly labelled 'GO'?"

"I thought that would've been too obvious." I pushed the go button and the ship took off. We were well on our way to shutting the hole in the sky, and not a moment too soon.

Yeah, turns out Dr. Octogonapus doesn't like being viciously destroyed.

The End

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