Two worlds come together to stop something much bigger than the both of them.
Two people come together from both civilisations, helping bring everyone onto the same team.
Two choices, one ultimate end.

His eyes, they were green. No one has green eyes. Only shades of dark blue and black existed here. I was so fascinated that I hadn’t realised he was also staring silently back at me. His skin was tight around his muscles and his face had a dark shadow forming around his jawline. I assumed he was a male; his physique resembled that of the males here. A part of me was frightened, but I didn’t want to leave. My curiosity was too aflame to care about survival or anything else I had been taught. I guess, in the end, it’s the instincts not lessons that come into effect. Neither of us moved, or said a word, but something changed. His eyes, whilst scrutinizing me, relaxed slightly.


His language was familiar, but I did not recognise the word. I didn’t know how to respond; was he asking a question, delivering a warning, or simply saying something to break the tension.

“I am Elpida”

His eyes widened, startled. I didn’t know if he understood or not, but my words had surprised him somehow. I began to wonder where he came from, who he was, if he was alone; but I couldn’t bombard him with questions yet. I knew I had to wait, we were both frightened and saying or doing the wrong thing mightn’t end well. So I waited for him to respond. I tried to relax my posture, try to appear less threatening. I thought he was doing the same, but I realised that he was reaching into his clothing and I panicked. 

The End

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