The story of a boy, who's life slowly twisted and changes him in ways unimaginable.

I woke up after a long night of jello shots in a bed made of leaves. That made me think long and hard about what I did last night, I was unable to come up with an answer so I just got up and tried to find my way home. Which was difficult in it's own way because all I could see in any direction were really big trees. So all I could do was walk forward and turn when I hit something.

I was walking for three hours before I found anything, and when I did, it was a lake, I fell into. So I decided to swim for a while.

The water felt amazing, every stroke felt so invigorating. It was the best swim of my life byfar, and the fact I was all alone made it all the better.

Of course it couldn't be perfect, why? Because I lifted my hand and saw a purple glowing vine. I wasn't feeling completely myself so I decided to eat it.

As I finished the vine ( that tasted suspiciously like jujubes), a helicopter slowly came down and dropped a ladder. Sure took them long enough, but I didnt' complain.

"There you are, we've been searching all day for you!"

"Yeah well you're not that good at your job then are you?" I was a bit mean, but I was just anxious to get home.

Yeah, as if that would happen

The End

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