Food Fight!

“Annabeth,” Percy started, “What IS that?”

“It’s my blueprint for Olympus.” She replied. Percy braced himself for a long explanation on architecture, but instead heard the horn for dinner. One thought and one thought only popped into the camp’s mind: food. Everyone lined up for their meal, before scraping a portion into the fire as an offering to the Gods. Everything was happy and normal, until the Ares cabin stormed in. Each one of them had fixed scowls - even worse than usual. Obviously, someone had done something to upset them, and that was never a good idea. 

“What’s up with you guys?” Percy asked from his cabin’s table. Each cabin had it’s own table, and they weren’t allowed to sit anywhere else. Which, unfortunately for Percy, meant he was on his own. Clarisse - daughter of Ares - said,

“Somebody put flowers in our cabin!” She snarled. The Demeter cabin looked sheepish, and Annabeth immediately know what had happened.

“Katie, you didn’t?!” She asked Katie in disbelief. 

“Well, it was really gloomy in there. We figured it needed sprucing up.” She replied, nervously pushing her food around her plate. 

“Right, that’s it!” Clarisse yelled, picking up a plate and throwing it at Katie. However, in her rage, her aim faltered and instead she hit Travis Stoll squarely in the face.

“Oi! What have I ever done to you?!” He demanded, wiping pasta from his face.

“Do you really want me to answer that?” Clarisse questioned, raising an eyebrow. Travis picked up a plate and threw it at Clarisse, but missed and hit Percy instead.

“Dude,” Percy exclaimed, “It’s time you had a lesson in aim!” He picked up his plate and threw it at Travis, who dodged it. Instead, the plate hit Annabeth.

“You were saying, Seaweed Brain?” She said, picking up a plate and throwing it at his face. Percy threw up his hands in defence, and sent the food flying in all directions. 

“FOOD FIGHT!” Conner cried with glee. Before long, everyone was throwing food at each other. The Aphrodite girls were screaming and hiding underneath the tables. The Ares kids made doubly sure they didn’t miss out. “Stop!” Chiron cried, as he saw the chaos that surrounded him. Everyone stopped and listened. “We shall have a duel.” Excitement rose amongst the campers. “Clarisse and Katie, come forward.” The two girls stood at the front of the dining pavilion, where they were presented with two bottles. One was Brown Sauce, the other Ketchup. Katie chose the Ketchup and Clarisse took the Brown Sauce. “Now, when I say 'Campers', you will turn and shoot.” The two girls stood back-to-back, waiting for the instructions. “Ready?” Chiron asked.

“Ready” The girls replied in unison.

“Party Ponies.” The girls took a step forwards.

“Monsters.” Another step.

“Camp.” Another step.

“Campers.” The two swivelled around and squeezed their bottles as if their life depended on it. Having both been successfully covered in sauce, Chiron declared it a draw, and peace could return to Camp Half-Blood. Well, almost...

The End

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