The Stoll's and the Golden Mango

"Dude, I have had the best idea EVER!" Travis exclaimed proudly to his twin brother, Connor. Being sons of Hermes, they were both incredibly mischievous, and now was no different. "What is is?" Connor asked. Travis explained his plan. They hi-fived in agreement. The two headed to the Demeter cabin. Travis volunteered for the up-coming task. "Only because you fancy Katie Gardener! But go ahead," Connor laughed. Travis went a brilliant shade of red, but he continued with his job anyway. "Um, Katie-" he began, 

"What is it now, Stoll? For the last time, I don't want to go out with you!" Katie growled.

"Actually, I was gonna ask if I could have a mango." Travis said bluntly. 

"Um, ok then," Katie said, a little confused by his sudden request. Travis took the mango gratefully, before saying,

"But if you're still free-"

"Stoll!" Katie glowered at him. Travis walked off triumphantly, leaving a fuming Katie behind him. Connor was still laughing when they both reached the Aphrodite cabin. 

When they arrived, it was surprisingly empty. Perfect. Together, they painted the mango sparkly gold using some liquid mascara they found. Then, they used hot pink eye liner to write For the Hottest across the front. Then, they dumped it on the floor, snuck out the door and hid underneath the window; the perfect spy point. 10 minutes later, then Aphrodite campers traipsed in, giggling and nattering to each other. Then, one of them found the mango. "To the hottest." she read. Silence, until one of them said,

"That is like so totally me!".

'In your dreams! It's me!" said another.

"Shut up you guys, it's me!". Before long, they were all arguing. Then shouting. Then fighting, until designer perfume, make-up and clothes were being tossed all over the cabin. The Stoll's laughed with glee. "This is almost as good as the time we caught Percy and Annabeth kissing during a game of capture the flag!" Connor laughed.

"Oh yeah! That was hilarious!" Travis agreed. 

"Did you see Percy's face?" Connor asked. The two spent so long talking about the capture the flag incident, that they failed to notice the Aphrodite campers storming out of their cabin, clutching the Golden Mango. "Ahem." one of them said. The boys turned, and were faced by 20 odd girls, each one glaring at them. Travis gulped.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Connor shrieked. Travis didn't need to be told twice. Before long, the twins were being chased all over Camp Half-Blood by a group of angry girls. Katie laughed at the scene, before going back to her roses.

The End

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