The book Mix-up

At Camp, they were doing first aid medical training. Having all passed the written test, they went into the woods to do the practical test. Percy, Grover and Annabeth were shoved in a group together and given their instructions:

"Now," Chiron bellowed, "The idea is you will be given a position in the forest. You may NOT move your position. At some point, one member of your group will be injured mildly, and it will be up to their team members to use whatever they have to give them the correct treatment. The rules are simple: No cheating, no swapping and the first team to make it back here, wins! Off you go!". Everybody immediately went to their appointed spot, and waited. Annabeth, Percy and Grover soon grew bored of waiting around, until Grover broke the silence, 'Yow! Looks like we got ourselves our injury.". An arrow had pierced his arm, but only made a small gash. "I have with me the first aid book we were given! Lets see...Percy, you read and I'll treat Grover." said Annabeth. Percy opened the book and read the instructions:

"1. Get one piece of paper towel.

  2. Run it under a cold tap.

  3. Gently dab over child's graze-"

"Oops, " Annabeth interrupted, "Thats the Infant Guide Book.". Having given him the correct book, the three of them had soon successfully completed their training. But, when they reached the starting point, they soon discovered that they had been a minute too slow, as one other team had already got there. "Percy's team, will you please pass me your book so I can read out the answers to those who struggled." Chiron said. Percy handed the book to him, and waited for him to start reading.

"1. Get one piece of paper towel.

  2. Run it under a cold tap.

  3. Gently dab over child's graze.". Everybody burst out laughing at the incorrect explanation. Unfortunately, Percy, Annabeth and Grover were laughing too soon. Their punishment was to do the dishes. 

"Nice one, dork." Annabeth told Percy, scrubbing yet another filthy plate. 

"You were the one who had the wrong book in the first place!" Percy countered.

"You should of checked!"

"You should of had the right book!"



"Knock it off guys! Shut up! It's happened now, so give each other a break!" Grover said, intercepting the argument. Annabeth looked at Percy. Percy looked at Annabeth. Then, they chucked their soapy dishcloths at an unsuspecting Grover. Before long, sponges, water and foam were being tossed around the room, drenching all three in a water war. All of them, that is, accept Percy, who was able to reamain completely dry, much to Annabeth and Grover's annoyance. But they still continued to throw thing at one another and laugh their heads off like maniacs.

The End

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