Chiron and the magic Fairytale

Something terrible had happened at Camp Half Blood. It was nearly as bad as loosing to the girls in capture the flag. There was a new Infant department for the younger Demigods. Chiron had a special mission for Percy and Annabeth....they had to go and read them a story! Before either could protest, they were handed a book, taken to the Infants and introduced to the small children, all of them gazing expectantly at them. Annabeth cleared her throat and opened the book, but Percy interrupted, "What am I gonna do then?" he asked. 

"You can do the acting!" she told him. Percy didn't like her idea, but got the impression that there was nothing he could do. But there was one small issue: neither of them could read the English, thanks to their dyslexia. But Percy spotted some ancient Greek sprawled at the bottom of the page. "Have fun learning about this story," it read.  Before either could look remotely confused, in a poof of green smoke, they were gone. When Percy opened his eyes, he found himself in the middle of a grand palace, wearing what seemed to be a Medieval Prince costume. Then, he realised it was. "There you are, son. Please prepare for the ball, as you are going to pick a bride." said a big, buff man that Percy recognised to be Ares. 

"But I'm only 16!" he objected. But nobody seemed to notice. As for Annabeth, she had the shock of her life when she found she was not just wearing rags...but it was a dress! "Cinderella, go and clean the toilet!" came a squeaky pantomime voice. In the doorway stood two very ugly girls. But when she looked closer, she saw it was actually Zeus and Hades in dresses and make-up that Aphrodite had perhaps done. Then she realised that the book they had been about to read was Cinderella! Not good. Then there was a knock at the door, which Annabeth took upon herself to answer. There, in swanky clothes, designer sunglasses and a pop star smile stood Apollo. "I have a message: Every maiden in the land must attend the Prince's ball tonight, as he has to pick a bride.". Then Apollo left. Annabeth passed the message on to the others, who immediately began getting ready. That evening, whilst Annabeth was sweeping the floor and the others were at the ball, there was a puff of blue smoke. In front of her, in a purple dress, was Poseidon. Annabeth instantaneously burst out laughing. 

"If you don't zip it, then I will give you the pinkest, most glittery, poofiest, frilliest, quite frankly girliest dress of all time!" Poseidon growled. Annabeth instantaneously zipped it. Then, with a wave of his hand, Poseidon gave Annabeth a dress fit for a ball. It was crimson with straps that tightened just below her shoulders. She checked in the mirror that there was no trace of make-up whatsoever on her face. Then, she allowed Poseidon to transport her to the ball. 

Percy sat in his throne, starring at the ballroom, now filled with lots of people. Suddenly, in amongst all the pink and purple, he saw something bright red in the far corner of the room. When he reached the mystery person, he saw it was Annabeth, nearly as red as her dress. When she saw Percy, she said, gesturing towards her dress, "Not a word about this to anyone!". Percy promptly burst out laughing. Then, with another puff of this time orange smoke, they vanished and reappeared sitting in front of the Infants. Now that they knew the story, they could tell it without confusion, but perhaps with some modifications. 


The End

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