Percy Jackson and the loopy Olympians

Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood were walking from the Empire state Lift towards the God's palace on Mount Olympus. This was for a very special was their birthdays! When the arrived, they weren't at all surprised to find Athena and Poseidon having a heated argument. "You turned my girlfriend into a snake-haired monster!" Poseidon shrieked, anger in his sea-green eyes.

"That wouldn't of happened if you hadn't gone on a date in my sacred temple!" Athena retorted. All the other God's were on the verge of suicide. Zeus failed epically to stop the bickering, so called upon the not-so-trusty Hades. Hades stood up and cleared his throat. All of Olympus fell silent.

"Poseidon.....GO TO YOUR ROOM!" declared Hades.

"I have many rooms...take your pick," said Poseidon casually.


"I have many palaces...which one?"

"In that case...GO TO YOUR SEA!"

"In total, there are seven seas."

"Fine...GO TO THE ENGLISH CHANNEL!". Immediately, everybody looked at Hades, confused.

"It's freezing," Hades explained, "And this is meant to be a punishment.". Having noticed Percy, Annabeth and Grover, Apollo, sunglasses and all, said,

"What can we do for you?".

"It's our birthdays..." said Percy. All the God's looked at one another anxiously.

" are your presents!" said Poseidon. Before the long, the God's had each zapped up a gift:

Zeus - A lightsaver

Poseidon - A water pistol

Hades - How to make your own coffin set

Athena - A plastic sword and shield

Apollo - Sunglasses

Artemis - A 'No boys allowed' sign

Hermes - A map

Hephaestus - A big hammer

Ares - an even bigger hammer

Demeter - A packet of cereal

Aphrodite - A make-up kit

Hera - A golden cow

"Ummm.........thanks?" said Percy, unwrapping a 'No boys allowed' sign and make-up kit.

"We best be going home now. Bye!" said Annabeth. The boys followed, half dragging Grover who was still gazing dreamily at Aphrodite. Soon after they had left, the bickering began all over again...


The End

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