Perl Beauty

Perl let out a sigh as she watched the sunset with teary eyes. The beauty would mock her like this, but she would never complain. She knew that such a passionate sky could only be loved. She brushed a hand against her cheek, and smiled as a tear fell away across her palm.

Why couldn't her life be just as beautiful? She hugged her knees close and set her chin upon her soft sleeve, her eyes big and bright as she witnessed the coming of the night.

She sat this way for a long time, probing the world with questions of life and its complex meaning. Would there ever be an answer she could depend upon, or was all this thought in vain?

She frowned, and wiped her eyes across her sleeve. "No," she murmured to the pebbles at her feet. "Never in vain. Answers are not everything."

A single fallen tear sparkled back at her from the surface of a polished pebble, and she gazed with benevolence at the beauty of the tear. Maybe she could create beauty. Maybe she could stop caring for the beauty she possessed, and instead, live for the beauty she could give to others.

Perl sat up, feeling the mossy stone beneath her bottom and sensing the wind through her hair. What a fine idea. Why not give up on this game of trying? Why not let go and live for something other than herself? She stood up to salute the last sliver of sunlight, and she was met with a gust of warm air from the hot springs at the base of the cliff. She laughed and then turned to make her way back up the rocky slope to the city.

"Even an ugly person can paint a beautiful picture..." she whispered. But Perl did not yet realize that beauty was only as one perceived it. And through this, she was beautiful.


I have become what I perceive. I have lost my identity, and what life I used to live is gone. Perhaps I have died. But how can this be, when I now begin to perceive more life than ever before? Everyday, I expand my awareness, and everyday, more life sprouts forth. I am growing. I am more alive than I have ever been.

Today, the will power I possess made every blade of grass grow yet longer as the sun burned from a million miles away. And the water trickled over the surface of my land, every molecule jumbling against the next. I have truly left my body behind, if it is still there at all...

I move effortlessly, and yet I am everywhere at once. How can this be? I know not. Reason and logic are only tools and I do not depend upon such answers.

But I do yearn for one answer, though I know it does not exist. In this reality I have created, I am lonely. And I know that it is beyond me to create a companion in this world.

Please life...I have created this reality, may you take over?

The End

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