How to Improve Perception?Mature

1. Listen

The words coming from the mouths of others are not so difficult to read. Listen to what they are saying without participating in the conversation (essentially eavesdrop). It may sound rude, but if they do not notice, what is the harm. It is critical you DO NOT participate. Giving hints that you are attempting to learn more about someone through secretive methods will not be accepted pleasantly. This also gives you a chance to think about what they are saying (which is something they themselves aren't doing). Analyze their words to their core essence (if you do not have a basic understanding of psychology and philosophy, this will not work. Go watch a few cop shows and pay attention to the interrogation, then come back.) Here are some examples:

A: "I want to go to the dance with Richard, but in all honesty Bill's a better guy for me."

B: "I can't believe Richard cheated on me with Allison, I'll go with Bill instead to make him know how i feel"

C: "I wish Richard would come back. He was so gorgeous and honest..."

I know, I know, typical whore/white girl conversation but it is very important to notice the progression of her case. This girl (let's say her name is Sam), is not too deep and should be a good first read, but I'll walk you through the layers anyways.

First, she points out she knows the better solution, signaling she wants to prove she isn't being a whore (which isn't what she's being, it's what she's trying to prove she isn't, there is a key difference). This knowledge of a better option actually plays no part in here decision-making process, and is only there to show her desperation and need to keep up with her image.

Second, Sam doesn't give any details to how Richard cheated on her. There's only accusation, meaning she doesn't want the event to be a major one among her social group, but wants to have a reason to spite him. Her reason for spiting him most likely is that she caught wind that he was tired of her (as most girls with a background such as this{you'll learn background identification as you go along} date guys that will pay as much attention as they can for a short period time. Sam is kind of like a machine that burns through batteries too fast to get anything beneficial out of them).

Finally, Sam wants Richard back (how original, I know). How obvious is this one? She longs for the feeling she had when the attention flashlight was aimed at her. It's almost like a drug addict (some studies show it IS like a drug addict), when the attention runs out, she needs more.

You might have thought that this was going to be a list.

It isn't a list.

I can't teach you how to act, as every single situation is different from another. All you have to do is learn to listen PROPERLY and you should be just fine. And by listen i mean to everything. As much as some of you disconformists hate society, it is essential that you learn the norms of society in order for this acting thing to work (if you do something outside the norm of society, you're going to be ostracized and you'll have to start from square one) So to you little children of the corn; go out there, start listening, and make the world a brighter place for yourselves.

(ostracized<> stick that in your pipe and smoke it)


The End

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