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The ceiling it's more detailed than before I can see now tiles on the ceiling I looked around now there's a curtain, is Sayano hear too?
Sayano: What's with this curtain it hasn't been here before?
Isudo: S-Sayano!
Sayano: Isudo.
Isudo: I can't move can you?
Sayano: No I can't, my legs are cut to hell!
Isudo: same with my arms there's glass in one of them!
Sayano: geez, what the hell happened to us?
Isudo: I don't know...
Suddenly appeared before us..... Nishizono-San it was no doubt it was her, her long brown hair and white dress with black stockings belonged to no one else. I can't really describe it but she looked more real than the first time I saw her....
Sayano: hello again.
Isudo: hey....
Nishizono: Sayano did you really bring him here already? That was quick.
Sayano: So what do we do about this red haired chick?
Isudo: you just recently told me that..
Nishizono: Yeah I did didn't I?
Sayano: ..........
Nishizono: unfortunately I can't say any more.....
Isudo: what!!
Nishizono: I've told you before Isudo to quiet down or "they" will come!
Sayano: but who are "they"?
Isudo: Yeah what she said
Nishizono: I'll only say this meet with the red haired girl who Sayano knows and the first words you speak to her no matter the circumstance, say "One memory theory"
My heart beat monitor started racing as did Sayano's...
Nishizono: until we meet again.....
Isudo: Owwwwwww!
A shooting pain ran through my chest I was dying I could tell.....
Sayano: KYAHH! I-Isudo it hurts like hell

The End

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