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Sayano: Okay then so let's go to sleep.
She looked at me expectantly, I stared at her in return, a few minutes passed......
Sayano: Well, what are you waiting for?!
She shouted at me..
Isudo: W-what?!
Her face started to get more red...
Sayano: Get the fuck out so I can change!!!!!
Was she expecting me to guess that?
Isudo: O-of course my apologies.
I bowed my head as I exited the room
I waited out in the hallway for a minute.
Sayano: ok you can come back in no~w.
She yelled through the door,
Isudo: Okay.
I re entered my room Sayano was there.....
Isudo: UWAHH!! What on earth do you think your doing?!
She was laying in my bed...... In her bra and panties.
Sayano: What's the problem?
Isudo: Your outfit you idiot!!!
Sayano: A little word of advice Isudo Don't call the head prefect an "idiot"! That is an offence you know.
So who's the real idiot? I wonder....
Isudo: sorry but how can you expect me to sleep next to you like that?!
Sayano: it's how I always sleep so come on already!
Isudo: Ugh okay I guess.......
I laid in bed since my pajamas were already on ever since I was studying..
She turned out the lights next...
Sayano: good night.
Isudo: 'night.
I started to sleep but she curled up next to me like a little puppy and I couldn't help but pat her head a few times..... But she woke up.....
Sayano: Isudo?
She looked up at me with a cute smile
Isudo: Yeah?
Sayano: I'm really glad we're friends.... because if we weren't and you did that you'd be flying out the window by now. Ehehehehe
She giggled at me
Isudo: R-right.
She turned towards me in the bed and wrapped her arms around my stomach I could feel her warm breath on my head and ears.
I'm so happy right now I thought as I drifted off to sleep.......

The End

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