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Isudo: You die in your dream every time too? and the beeping and at first you had the bandages on your face?
Sayano: Yes.
I was speechless she had the same dream every time we sleep we see the same hospital the same girl and always end up dying at the end.
Isudo: What the hell!!
Sayano: Isudo calm down! It's 3 am people are asleep!
She put her hand over my mouth as I yelled.
Isudo: .......... Ok I'm good. What has she told you?
Sayano: she said that our friends are experiencing or are going to experience the same thing soon, she told me that A friend of mine's hair ran red with blood, but I examined each one of my friends hair, none of them had red hair, she said she would explain everything, apparently that girl is linked to Nishizono-San.
Isudo: I can't fathom what that means, why do we have the same dream this whole thing is just stupid!
Sayano: I remember hearing Nishizono-San say "we are in the same hospital" so maybe if we sleep next to each other we might be able to meet in the dream!
Isudo: B-but!
Sayano: I know it's embarrassing but aren't you curious as well?
Her face was flushed red like mine.
Isudo: I-I don't deny that.....

The End

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