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Hanaka: Right.
Saya: Glad you’re feeling better Isudo-kun.
Kotori: Right see you tomorrow stupid shit.
Midara: Later man.
I'll forgive her because she doesn't know the severity of that insult...
Isudo: Saya-chan you really shouldn't have taught her inappropriate words what if she says them in class?
Saya: I'll laugh.
Isudo: she'll get in trouble!
Sayano: Don't worry I know she doesn't know what those words mean so even if she says them I'll forgive her.
Kotori: Eh?
Sayano: N-nothing, now everyone out!
She was our close childhood friend but she put her job first, though she would always be lenient with us whenever we got in trouble so it was fine.
Isudo: Ok, good bye everyone.
Everyone left Sayano walked up to me while I was still sitting at my desk.
Sayano: ......... You really had me worried.
She kneeled down beside me looking into my eyes, I instantly got red from embarrassment.
Isudo: ....................
Sayano: Your pale and you were sleeping for hours, you’re always spacing out, what's wrong?
Isudo: Uh just tired.
Sayano: I'm looking into your eyes I know your lying, but I think it's not a lie more like you're holding something from me..
 Damn, she knows?
Sayano: ................. You saw her didn't you?
Isudo: Nishizono-San?
Sayano: Yeah.... Nishizono-San.
Isudo: ........... You've seen her too then?
Sayano: Yes, she comes to me in my dreams and has been talking to me for about a month now. She told me she'd contact you soon.
Isudo: she just did....
Sayano: that much I've figured out.
Isudo: She told me I need to start looking for a friend of yours who's hair is dark red.
Sayano: that's what she told you?
Isudo: yeah she was also spouting weird things about dreams and reality as well as god.
Sayano: !?
Isudo: Sayano are you ok?
Sayano: Yeah I just didn't expect her to tell you so much already,......... ISUDO!!tell me everything about the dream now!!
Isudo: Ah ok............

                ~15 minutes later~
 Isudo: and I died again....
Sayano: We have the same dream then....

The End

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