page 15, Chapter 3. - Sayano’s confession-Mature

Isudo: W-what are y'all doing here! Get out now especially you girls!
Hanaka: We snuck in in the middle of the night no one even saw us.
Saya: It's cute how he thinks about us getting caught.
Kotori: Right, you worry too much idiot.
Isudo: I really am not! And why did you even come over here?
Kotori: Well I tried to text you 4 hours and, you never answered I got worried so I called everyone over.....
Every one..... even Sayano?!
Isudo: Then Sayano?!
Saya: it's fine no one told her Isudo.
Isudo: uh it's really not....
Hanaka: Oh  I love her and everything but she just really isn't smart enough to find us.
???: Oh Hanaka I Love you too.
Midara: ...........
Saya: .............
Hanaka: Eh?
Kotori: Shit.
Ugh I bet she picked that up from my earlier conversation with Saya-chan.
Isudo: I knew it..... When did you get here? Sayano.....
Sayano:  oh I've been here for about hmmmm an hour now.
Isudo: Why are you here?
Sayano: Uh I have a cellphone too, ya know. I text you and I called you, you never answered so I asked the dorm head if I coulda leave for a moment and she said yes.
Hanaka: How did you get in here in the first place? , his door was locked.
Sayano: I walked in , his door was unlocked so I thought it'd be best to lock it. When you started picking the lock I hid in the dark watching y'all and writing all the offenders' names on this paper...
She showed us a paper
Sayano: after finishing that I decided it was time to show myself.
Kotori: Geez, she's like a ghost!
Saya: .........agreed.
Sayano: Greetings aside, I'm glad you’re feeling better.....
Was I sick or something
Sayano: So Midara and you other girls have about 30 seconds to exit and get back to your respected rooms before I send out prefects. Okay?
She was giggling while threatening us how does that even work?

The End

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