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Isudo: Yeah, later.
They waved good bye to me and continued gossiping on the way to their rooms.
Isudo: Alright Midara let's go
Midara: Yeah.
We started talking while walking to our rooms.
Isudo: Alright I'm gonna turn in early tonight, I'm unusually tired today.
Midara: Yeah me too, later.
I entered my room, the place was torn to hell.....
Isudo: Christ, can't the prefects learn to clean up after themselves?
After an hour later the place was back to normal
Isudo: *phew* I'm done.
I pulled out my book and started to study
Isudo: Ugh, why am I so tired I....... think...... I'll.... just take a *yawn* nap.
I laid my head down and started to sleep.

That white ceiling, the beeping I heard, the feeling of death I felt coming.
A soft girly voice was calling out to me...
???: Isudo
Isudo: Hm
???: Are you not finding it odd you can't speak?
she said I couldn't speak, she could see me I couldn't see her all that was in my vision was white.
Isudo: hmmm
???: You are asleep and this a dream right, then why can't you speak? In dreams you can control what is happening then why don't you rip that thing off your face and look upon me with your own eyes? You can't can you? So how can you be sure this is a dream is it because you are asleep? Are not sure this is the real reality? That Sayano, Saya, Kotori, and the others are even real?...... Now prove to me your ability to percieve what is around you!
How did she know about Sayano and the others? I've never even heard this voice before so I'm sure I've never met her!
Isudo: ............
I tried to scream but no sound came out she was right my face was covered with something that resembled bandages.
???: I have appeared to you now because you are looking upon the world with true eyes, the border between reality and dream is thin very,very, thin. It's all a matter of perception do you believe in dreams or reality?
Isudo: ........
My heart beat started rapidly increasing I knew I was going to die soon like always.
???: Isudo, do you believe in a god?
Isudo: ..........
???: Isudo, do you intend to die before I look you? So show me your eyes show me your strong enough to know the actual "reality"!
Unconsciously in my mind I reached my hands up and got the bandages off my face. My mouth and eyes were now free.
Isudo: who the hell are you and how do you know about my life!?
???: Let's say I'm your better half Call me Nishizono
Nishizono: You see me, now look around.
Just as she told me I looked around the room it was definitely a hospital
I looked down to my right my arm, It was completely covered in blood I couldn't see a trace of skin it was disgusting, my left arm was no better but I could clearly see bits of glass in my arm.

The End

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