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Sayano: Okay thanks bye-bye.
She turned towards Kotori
Sayano: it's okay we're checking his room now you'll be fine.
Saya: Shame on you Isudo-kun you made Onee-Chan cry!
Midara: That's cold.
Kotori: colossal murderer pervert....
She was in shock I looked down, she wasn't the only one in shock.
Hanaka: There, there Isudo you'll be fine.
Isudo: Yeah, I'm used to it by now.
Hanaka: Good.
With that, my lunch was spent fighting false charges against me created by my childhood friends.

                  ~After School~

I prepared to exit the class, after the class representative had told us to bow to the teacher, I started to put my books in my bag when.....
Sayano: Uhh...  Isudo?
Saya: Oh, Isudo, looks like she's got something to say, I wonder if it's in regards to your room being searched?
Kotori: ...................
Hanaka: Oh, what is it? I long to hear it.
Midara: ..................
Sayano: That's correct, we found no weapon or drugs therefore I must formally apologize to you.
Isudo: Hmph, told ya.
Saya: Looks like Hanaka-chan was wrong.
Hanaka: Damn it.
Midara: I knew it all along but still it was pretty funny.
Sayano: I'm sorry, Isudo
she was blushing, while apologizing
Isudo: Don't worry about it Sayano.
I said while rubbing her head, which was pretty embarrassing.
Sayano: Ehehehehe right.
Isudo: Well.....
I looked around just like all ways they were around me with their bags, I don't know why they had looked up to me when I was mostly called an idiot by everyone in the group.
Isudo: everyone ready to go?
Saya: Yeah,
Sayano: Uh huh
Midara: Yeah, let's go I got to study anyway.
Hanaka: Umu. Let's go.
We were walking to our dorms like always, departing at the section where the girls dorm and boys dorm separate.
Sayano: Good Bye, Isudo try not to get into anymore trouble today.
She flashed a smile at me
Isudo: Believe me Sayano the last thing I want today is another lecture
I responded to her laughing all the while.
Sayano: 'Kay bye.
Saya: Ok, bye Isudo-kun.
Hanaka: 'Later.
Kotori: Bye, try not to kill anyone tonight.
Isudo: Ugh, I thought I was cleared of those charges, Kotori I'm not a killer I could never kill anyone.
Kotori: If you say so, see you tomorrow.

The End

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