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Hanaka: Come to think of it a psychotic sex robot could be a weapon if it was left untouched for days it could get angry and go on a rampage because Isudo hasn't touched it in a while because he's been sleeping with Saya....
Saya: Oh, I'm sleeping with Isudo?! I'm loving it so far.
Hanaka: Then after a heated argument the robot kills Isudo by snapping his neck......
Saya: Aww, my boyfriend for all of 33 seconds is dead now?
Hanaka: Then the robot will take off around the school shooting everyone in sight and killing them all, then.....
She stopped, thank god.
Saya: hmm?
Kotori was scared hiding behind Sayano
Isudo: Just stop, please for the love of god.
Hanaka: Well, my point is it's a weapon of mass destruction and if left alone it could kill off everyone in the entire school.
Sayano pondered for a moment is she really considering this?
Sayano: Sorry, Isudo but anything that is a potential threat to the students must be handled with the utmost care.
She pulled out her cellphone
Isudo: No, don't take out your cell phone!
Without acknowledging my words she dialed a number....... Seriously? *sigh* fuck my life
Hanaka: If you have nothing to hide it should be fine right?
Isudo: Who the hell said I had nothing to hide? I may have a few skeletons in my closet I'm only human after all!
Saya: Oh, Sayano~ did you hear that he just admitted he had skeletons in his closet!
Kotori: Christ, he's a murderer now too?
Midara: That's pretty cool I could never kill someone.
I turned to hear Sayano's conversation
Sayano: ...... Uh-huh yeah on suspicion of having an illegal substance on campus grounds.... Oh and bring a pistol with you just in case.....
Oh my god, is this really happening!? 

The End

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