page 10, Chapter 2 - Unfriendly Dreams -Mature

Isudo: That's it.
Kotori: I'm sorry.
Hanaka: Hahaha sounds like fun.
Midara: Dang, sucks for you.
Saya: I'm glad you didn't tell on me, I'll pat you on the head later as a thank you hahah.
Geez I must analyze these thoughts one by one so I don't get overwhelmed, ok first, I can't believe Kotori said she was sorry, she never apologizes unless it's to Sayano. next, I can't even fathom what Hanaka is imagining happened with me and Sayano, third Midara, I can kind of understand his reaction though its not as bad as he thinks, and Saya I really don't think patting me on the head is necessary for anything.
Isudo: Please don't.
Saya: Oh? Would you rather I had sex with you?
Isudo: UWWAH! N-no absolutely not!!
Midara: Dude, why is your face all red now?
Kotori: Isudo has regained his title as "pervert"
Saya: He's simply imagining the sensations of his first intercourse with a girl who doesn't have an on or off button.
Isudo: Sh-shut up! I'm not imagining anything of the sort!! plus I live in a dorm room how the hell would something like that even be possible?!
Hanaka: Yes, you do live in a dorm room but according to my sources.....
what "sources"?
Hanaka: you don't have a roommate and live by yourself, therefore it could be very possible for you to hide a psychotic sex robot in your room and having sex with "her" every night after lights out.
Saya: Ah, an excellent point my dear Hanaka.
Midara: ..........
Kotori: Isudo has increase his current affinity "pervert" to "colossal pervert".
Hanaka: Hmm "colossal pervert" I like it.
Isudo: I don't!
Sayano: Isudo!?
Isudo: Oh You've gotta be kidding me.
Sayano: I think I'm going to have someone check out your room today.
Saya: Hahaha look at his face, he knows he's been outed.
Midara: Dude, your face is like red but devoid of blood, how does that work?
Isudo: S-Sayano she was just making a joke!
Sayano: mmmmmm.... I still think I'll send someone anyway.
Hanaka: Busted! Hahaha
Kotori: The "colossal pervert" has been caught.
Isudo: Y-You can't seriously!
Sayano: Don't worry it's not like I'm going to call the other prefects and say "Go search Isudo Nakami's room we have reason to believe there is a psychotic sex robot that he fucks daily!" I'm not THAT mean, I'll instead tell them to go search your room under the guise of a "suspicious weapon" or drugs.
Isudo: NO NO NO NO!

The End

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