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Sayano: I want them in an hour! So get to it Isudo!
Isudo: Yes, r-right
she sat quietly on a seat across from me fiddling with her cell phone
Isudo: .......
                ~15 seconds later~
Sayano: Ehehehehe
She was giggling about something.
Isudo: Hm?
I looked at her quickly, I saw nothing strange so I returned to my paper.
                ~4 seconds later~
Sayano: Ahahahah *puh* hahahahahahaha I-I-Isudo hahahahahahaha L-Look at this picture.
Isudo: Hmm? Okay
I walked up to her and looked at her phone there was a strange picture on a social networking website it was pretty funny.
Sayano: *puh* haha isn't it hilarious?
Her giggling was so cute it reminded me of the old days, our child hood
Isudo: yeah it's funny but I have to work on my apologies you assigned me, remember?
Sayano: oh right, yea you have about.... mmmm 45 minutes now.
Yeah thanks for the boost of confidence....
Isudo: Right, I'll get to it now

              ~ 5 minutes later~
Sayano: Hey, Isudo?
While writing my paper I answered her...
Isudo: Yeah?
Sayano: I'm bored, can I listen to some music?
Really?........ Really? Is she serious? Regardless aren't I the one who should be bored I'm writing 3 apologies and she's on her phone I wonder if she knows who the actuall victim is here, still I should answer her  now let's see.......
Yes or no?

Isudo: Yeah, go ahead.
Sayano: Sweet, mmmmm what do you feel like listening to?
Isudo: Me?
Sayano: Yeah, of course, who else could I be talking to?
Isudo: Uh it doesn't matter.
Sayano: 'Kay I'll play some rock then is that cool?
Isudo: Yeah, that's fine.
Music started playing out of her cell phone...
Sayano: Damn, it's too low I can't hear it.
Isudo: Don't you have earphones?
Sayano: Yeah, but then you won't be able to hear it.
Isudo: It's fine.
Sayano: Hm......
She pondered for a second.....
Sayano: I know, I'll just move up to you!
Isudo: N-no way!
Sayano: Don't worry I won't distract you or anything *giggle*
*Sigh* Being anywhere near me is a distraction Sayano. And what's with that giggle after she said she won't distract me? Damn,she's planning something isn't she?
Before I could say anything else, she had moved her seat next to mine and plugged the earphones in her cellphone.
Sayano: O~kay this will help you concentrate.
she plugged the earphone into my ear and one into her ear,  loud music began to play and the voice of a teenage girl began singing.
Her yelling wasn't making me concentrate nor was the sensation of one of her breasts against my arm I also caught the citrusy smell of her hair she must've washed it this morning.
Isudo: RIGHT.
It was annoying how we had to yell to communicate but nevertheless it was fun I ended up staying with her listening to music for 40 minutes until I finished my papers.
she took up my papers and put them in a bag. She then took the earphones out and wrapped them in a neat circle around her phone.
Sayano: Well then, shall we head off to class then?
She held out her hand so I grabbed it, to be honest it was kind of embarrassing.
Isudo: Alright.
We walked together down the hallway and parted hands at the door to the classroom so as to not let classmates get the wrong idea.
Sayano: See ya after class we'll meet up for lunch, okay?
Isudo: Yeah, sounds good.
We entered the classroom

              ~end of flashback~


The End

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