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Sayano: Next, the worst offense you helped Hanaka-chan escape from the other prefects.
Isudo: I- I didn't help her I talked to her for a minute before you tackled me!
Sayano: You should have just given her up she was a fugitive for all of 7 minutes!
I really think that she believes Hanaka is a terrorist on the run or something calling her a fugitive.... really?! And I'm aiding and abetting her.... What?  Plus I was on the ground, how could I hand her over in the time interval of about 7 seconds?
If I remember correctly from all the things I know about lectures from Saya-chan's offenses for "inappropriate touching", now I'm going to get threatened..... Sure enough I was right.
Sayano: You know if you keep this up you'll be suspended or worse....
She looked at me with her most serious face then.......
Isudo: *gulp*
I unintentionally let a *gulp* sound come out.
Sayano: But, I know you are a good kid so I don't think I have to worry about you causing trouble anymore, right?
She was smiling and happy as could be while uttering these words
Isudo: R-right, yes ma'am
Sayano: I've known you ever since we were kids and you've never been a trouble maker you're too cute to be of a nuisance to me.
I don't want to be called cute... but her attitude changed quickly, Was she even the same person as a moment ago? She was yelling at me a moment ago now she's making jokes, I really can't understand her!
Sayano: Right, good, then here is your punishment, you will write three apologies to me! One for being a pervert to Saya-chan, another for running from me and the other prefects by jumping out a *puh* window......
Geez, she was about to laugh again.
Sayano: And the last one for aiding in Hanaka-chan's escape.
Isudo: Right......
Sayano: They each must be no less than 100 words! You got that?
Isudo: *sigh* Ye~s

The End

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