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Isudo: Uhh......
I couldn't tell her what Saya had done or she would get in trouble.
Sayano: did you try to sexually attack her?, then when she tried to push you off you grabbed her hand and twisted it saying " You bitch, you dare defy me?" Right!?
She was fantasizing now, I feel as though her hormones were raging.
Isudo: No.... I told her she could get something out of my desk then someone yelled my name and I stood up forgetting her hand was under there and I basically sandwiched her hand between my thigh and the desk. That's it!
Damn, my face was turning red from the embarrassment.
Sayano: Oh?
Did she understand? Was I off the hook? She stood up and pointed at me...
Sayano: .......Still that IS a perverted act and a clear violation against school rules!
After yelling that she sat back down and resumed her lecture.
Isudo: Darn, I thought I could get off easily too.
I murmured quietly
Sayano: Your next offense is...
She took out a small paper she wrote for future notice with my "crimes" up there.
Sayano: Next....... Oh yes running from prefects
Isudo: Uh yes, that.... I didn't have time to hear a lecture but thinking back I think I shouldn't have ran, hehehe
I was feeling nervous and embarrassed so I awkwardly laughed
Sayano: You're damn right you shouldn't have ran I was chasing you and I just wanted to talk, geez you can be a huge idiot at times!
I don't deny that......
Isudo: Oh, I'm sorry.
Sayano: Next you.... *puh* jumped out a *puh* third floor window.... hahahahahahaha
She burst out laughing now
I rubbed my head where I fell shortly after landing
Isudo: Geez, thinking back that's probably what I most regret.
Sayano: Hehehe that's funny Isudo
Isudo: Not to me.
Sayano: Your own fault!
She yelled because she was trying to hold back another wave of laughter

The End

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