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Isudo: It's fine, so what did Hanaka do?
Sayano: Y- You have no room to ask, we can have a loooong discussion in my office!
Isudo: crap, so I'm getting lectured either way?
She grabbed me by the hand while dragging me along some how though I saw her flash a relieved smile at me from time to time she must've been glad I survived my fall...
 till we reached her office door.
Next I was lectured, threatened and forced to write many apologies. It was just how it was described to me by Saya-chan.

               ~ Back to Class~

I returned to the classroom an hour later, the teacher had also returned, I walked in with Sayano-chan. I took my seat next to Hanaka's and behind Midara in the very back row.

                   ~Lunch Break~

Saya: Oh, hello Isudo-kun
Saya walked up to me with Kotori behind her.
Kotori: Hello, pervert
Isudo: Ugh, I'm not a pervert!
Saya: How was the lecture?
How did she know I got caught?
Isudo: H-how was it?! Let me tell you!

       ~ Flash back to the lecture~
Sayano: Isudo let's start at the beginning....
Isudo: *sigh* It's going to be a long talk.
Sayano: When did you become a pervert?
She's really going to start with this?
Isudo: I'm not a pervert! For god's sake it was a joke!
Sayano: Really? Then how did she get her hand injured?

The End

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