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Isudo: DAMNIT!!!!
I screamed while falling. This wasn't a good idea I heard the sound of footsteps running down the stairs. As soon as I hit the ground
Isudo: Ouch!
I said while on the ground I landed so hard I lost my balance and toppled over and hit my head on a nearby bench, as I opened my eyes, my vision was very blurry but I managed to see someone standing in front of me,
???: you idiot, hahaha
The voice was soft and warm and was chuckling at me I immediately recognized who it was...
Isudo: H- Hanaka-San
Hanaka: *puh* Haha, hello Isudo-kun.
Prefect 1: Hanaka she's over here!!
Isudo: UWAHH!! P-prefects!
Hanaka: don't worry they're after me not you and I can escape them without any effort!  Hahaha
She looked at me I turned a deathly pale color.
Hanaka: I take it you have them chasing you too?
I looked at her with a disturbed face and nodded all the blood in my face was drained my heart was about to leap out of my chest.
Sayano: Isudo stop!
Prefect 1 : Hanaka...... There.....
Isudo: shit!
Hanaka: damn!
Sayano: HYAHH!!!
She yelled as she tackled me!
Isudo: UWAHH!
Sayano: *pant* *pant* got you hahaha
Hanaka: Tough luck Isudo-kun but I've got to get to class bye bye.
She ran up the wall through the window I jumped out of
Prefect 1: Ha-HANAKA!!!
She was already long gone though, her superhuman like movements were amazing to watch.
Sayano: Ok, I think I got him, everyone disperse and find Hanaka! She must be caught for that faux announcement!! GO!!!
She was shouting at the prefects while holding my arms behind my back with one hand.
Prefects: OKAY!
They all answered in unison to her and ran off!
She pulled me up.......
Sayano: you idiot!
She hugged me tight
Sayano: You scared the hell out of me!! What in the world were you trying to accomplish?!?! God Isudo you are an idiot in every sense of the word!! Still, think Christ you’re okay, what the hell made you want to jump out of the window?? And you now you were helping out Hanaka too?!
She let me go....
And slapped me
Isudo: Geez, what on earth did you do that for!?
I said rubbing my cheek
Sayano: ......... Uh, sorry.
She turned a little red she must've known she over reacted.

The End

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