page 4, Chapter 1 - Chasing Trouble -Mature

Sayano: "Did you not here the announcement?"
She was the Vice President of the disciplinary committee and a very reliable girl.
Isudo: "Uh well you see...."
Saya: let me explain Sayano,
You see this young man injured my hand, so he was taking responsibility and taking me to the nurse.
Kotori: yes, he is a pervert, and he injured my sisters hand, I hate him even more now.
Sayano: P-pervert!?
Christ now she believes it too?
Sayano: Isudo-kun maybe we should continue this conversation in my office!
She was pissed what the hell was I going to do!?
Isudo: uh.... yeah about that....
I started slowly backing away
I had taken off running I heard a whistle blow and what sounded like a million footsteps after me!
Sayano: Kotori-San, get Saya to the nurses office!, I'll get Isudo!
Saya: Aww, thank you Sayano, Good luck!
Sayano: Thanks but I won't need it I know Isudo better than he knows himself.
Now I heard Sayano join in the chorus of footsteps impeeding on my position.
Sayano: Isudo!, STOP RUNNING!!!
Isudo: Sorry I really don't feel like being lectured!!!!!
I yelled back at her somehow she was ahead of the pack even though the other prefects got a 10 second head start before her.
I reached the end of the hallway where the steps heading up and the steps going down met....
Isudo: darn, up or down
I looked behind me to see them coming up fast

I heard footsteps above me as well as below me I would surely be caught! Until I saw a window beside me I was on the third floor so it was pretty high up should I take my chances?

Sayano: you're cornered Isudo third years are coming from above first years from below there is no way out, why don't you just accept your defeat? I promise I'll be very lenient with you if you just come with me.
She flashed me a weak smile and held out her hand..
Isudo: "thanks, Sayano but......"
I looked towards the window.
Isudo: I really don't want to be lectured right now!!!
I yelled this while jumping out of the window

The End

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