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Kotori went back into cat mode

Isudo: you actually believe her don't

Midara: Eh?

Isudo: Nevermind

*bing*  *bong*  *beng*  *boon*
That school bell had rung
Everyone in the crowd quickly dispersed except for a few other people while I returned to my seat as did Saya-chan who was grinning at me the whole time
Midara followed me and kept trying to give him details on a night that didn't happen.
*bing.* *bing*
An announcement had begun
Announcement: "all teachers on the second year floor must vacate the building at once, failure to do so will result in termination of contract.  Students must remain in classroom 'till further notice!
The teacher had just entered and class was about to begin now he had to leave and we didn't know when he'd be back, most people were happy about this though
Teacher: looks I'm being forced to evacuate for some reason, study by yourselves until my return.
He turned toward the class and spoke to us as he walked out the door.
I took out my book and began studying.... However as soon as I read the first word... Saya had walked up to me again
Saya: now where were we Isudo-kun?
Kotori was eyeing me with suspicion while standing next to her sister.... She thought I was a pervert, what made it worse was the fact that she was painfully gullible. Midara looked at me with a face of jealousy and admiration, I really don't want to be looked at that way!
Isudo: *sigh* the quietness has ended.
Saya: hey, Isudo-kun don't you hear me?
Midara: "uh well I don't want to be a third wheel I think I'll go hang out with the other guys and study good luck Isudo."
Midara started walking away, no Midara because you left now there are only three of us you created a third wheel! Idiot
Suddenly I felt a light touch on my leg it felt stimulating so much so I jumped up and banged whatever was on my leg on the underside of my desk.
Saya: "KYAHH!!!"
Saya had tried to get my attention by seductively rubbing my leg, I guess.
Isudo: Ahhh! Saya-chan are you okay? I'm sorry, here let me help you to the nurses office.
Saya: I'm fine Isudo-kun.
Her hand was red and I saw a little cut.
Isudo: well at least let me take you to get it bandaged before that cut gets infected, Kotori come on you're coming too.
Kotori:……. okay
We left the class room and headed down the hallway then we ran into a familiar face....
???: Isudo?
It was one of my best friends Sayano Tsukichi.


The End

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