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I think a simple scolding would have sufficed.

Suddenly I felt something sting my neck I looked behind me.......... My worst fear was realized Kotori had escaped Midara's grasp!
 I looked over at him, his palm was bleeding my guess is she was yelling, he tried to cover her mouth and she bit him.

Kotori: IDIOT!

She tried to claw me but I barely dodged it.

Isudo: geez, what the heck!?

Kotori: DIE! Stupid!!

She tried to kick me this time, I barely ducked in time, never in all my life have I wanted the teacher to come in and start the class.

Isudo: damnit, Kotori stop!! I'm sorry!
Midara help me out here!

I was seriously fearing for my life, her kicks were fast and powerful just like a cat I looked over at midara who was writhing in pain on the floor.

Suddenly a familiar sound rang through my ears

???: Good Mor~Ning

It was Kotori's little sister, well we called her that because they were born mere minutes apart with Kotori coming first and saya next
Kotori: What? are you apologizing?
Isudo: Yes, for the love of god, Yes!
Saya: Eh? Ohohoho am I interrupting something?
She spoke with a mischievous smile.

Kotori: What?
Isudo: Uh... Don't try to explain it Saya-chan she doesn't need to know about "those" topics.
Saya: "oh, you want me all to yourself Isudo- kun? You naughty, naughty boy, but I suppose I could appease your wish"
Kotori: Eh? what topics?
Saya: hehehe I'd be happy to teach you in person Onee-Chan
Kotori: okay.
Isudo: Ah n-no! You are sisters!
Kotori: huh is that a problem Isudo
Isudo: tons, but it’s too complex
Saya: fear not Isudo ill let you join us,
I can imagine it now I’ll be with Onee-San playing with her "special" places while you're hiding in the closet watching, you'll then lean in and try to get a closer look you'll knock over our school uniforms and make noise, I’ll stop my feast of Onee-San and approach the closet , you'll say "oh shit!" And try to hide yet I hear you and tell you "it's okay, Isudo-kun." And you'll come out and see Onee-San on her back in a submissive pose then you'll-"
Isudo: UWAHH!!!  No way nonononononononono NO!!! Kotori should not be hearing such Echii things!
Kotori: "Echii?, shit?, submissive pose", "feast" am I being eaten?
Kotori seemed to pick up the worst words of the conversation
Isudo: see what you've done Saya to your own sister.
Saya: Me? you were the one staring at us sisters from the closet.
She teased me despite being younger she was more aware of the mature things in life while Kotori was more like a fully developed child. Then rumors start to spread in the classroom calling me a "pervert" and "demon". Midara approached me seemingly out of nowhere and tapped my shoulder with his now bandaged hand.
Midara: you lucky dog
Kotori: Oh so your a Idiot Pervert!!!

The End

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