I recently finished a story it's typically an anime type story taking place in japan of course, The story revolves around a boy named Isudo who has always had his friends as his only support, he was content with this but during his second year of high school he starts having nightmares where he wakes up in a hospital seemingly wrapped in bandages with his body all messed up he is awake and can feel pain yet he sees nothing but the white ceiling of the hospital after a few minutes he experiences


*thump*  *thump* I heard something it was that nightmare again nothing scary happened or anything as a matter of fact the only image I could see was a pure white image with the sound of a heart beat mine I assumed. But it seems like something I've experienced before in reality I mean. I- "yo Isudo" a voice was disturbing me, then as always the nightmare ended the same as always with a solid beep and the white image gradually fading to darkness and I wake up. "hey Isudo?" I opened my eyes to see my friend calling me. "Eh wha, what's up midara?"  I asked still half asleep.
Midara: yo you've been sleeping for about 30 minutes now!
Isudo: yea and ......
Midara: I was barely able to stop her from kicking you out of the window!
Isudo: ...........
I looked up to see one of my friends and classmates diagonally across from me her name "Kotori Sataki"
She was waving her arm and yelling something
Kotori: Hey!!! Mister Idiot!!!!
Isudo: geez that's a great sound to hear as soon as soon as waking up
from a nightmare.

I mumbled slumping back in my chair
Kotori: that does it!!
Midara: ugh, not again!
Kotori: I'm gonna kick him to death!

She had always been like this whenever she would disagree with something from me or any of her other friends boy or girl she would rationalize the situation by kicking the heck out of whatever was causing her distress and worry about consequences later. Everyone had called her "kitty" because of the fact that she could turn from love able girl to hateful bitch in an instant like a cat.

Midara: ah her cat mode is going again *sigh*


She had what many referred to as Cat Mode.
In which she would instantly get angry and act like a cat and attack by kicking, scratching, and biting and , she would get set off so easily.
if she was talking to you and you ignored her once, she's on you like a cat pouncing on bristle grass!
 I saw once where she injured a kid so bad he had to leave school early and head to the hospital, so Kotori was suspended for a week just because
he meowed at her, as a joke I might add!

The End

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