People We Used To Know

A just-for-fun story about loyalties and past decisions coming back to 'haunt you'. How would you feel if you saw someone on the street who you used to know- a friend of a friend perhaps- but they looked at you as though you were a complete stranger?

You pass a girl in the street; she’s short with dirty blonde hair grouped untidily into bunches with a fringe flapping in the breeze, plain grey eyes under black spectacles, a button nose and clear lip-gloss on her lips. She looks studious with a lavender cardigan over her matching black trousers and top. Her head is down against the wind, looking at her shoes and seeing the sparkly star earrings float in and out of her line of sight.

But you won’t notice all this in one glance.

You’ll only see a memory of what once was and what could be… Perhaps it will puzzle you for a second.

‘Do I know her?’ you might ask yourself.

Because I am that girl.

There, do you see it now? Perhaps your memory is becoming sharper?

You used to know me, I think. But it was a long time ago now, wasn’t it?

The End

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